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Contingent Payment Plan (CPP)

Your small and fixed installments, which will not cause you any difficulty in paying, start after your education program. CPP is a legal contract between a student and Clarusway. Leif is our school’s CPP Program Manager.

Contingent Payment Plan (CPP) Overview

Provide income-contingent financing with small and fixed installments through Contingent Payment Plan (CPP).

Flexibility to plan your expenses ahead of time and spread tuition costs over fixed-monthly payments after your education. A CPP allows you to pay back a fixed monthly amount after your program ends. Payments are only made when your income is above a minimum income threshold. Payments continue for a fixed number of months or until the total amount paid reaches a predetermined maximum.

The Benefits of Contingent Payment Plan (CPP)

No unnecessary financial risk
Predictable, affordable repayments
Monthly payment amounts are clearly defined from the beginning. You are only obligated to make monthly payments when you have an income that allows you to comfortably do so.
No required upfront costs
You are able to focus on your education while it is happening, without financial barriers.
No hidden fees
You know how much you owe from the beginning. No fees for missed payments or prepayment.
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The Questions About The Leif Platform

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Leif is our financial partner that provide financing and guidance to Clarusway—so that every of our students can afford a great education, and every student can feel confident about funding education. You will make an account on Leif’s platform to apply for your CPP, review and sign your contract, and eventually report income and make payments. Read more details…

After graduation, when you start earning above the Minimum Income Threshold, you will pay the fixed monthly installment amount during a determined period that may vary depending on the duration and content of the training program. Learn More

Your school will guide you to a secure application page tied to the specific program you are looking to attend. The application is all online and typically takes less than 5 minutes to complete and applying will not affect your credit score.
CPPs are designed to increase access to quality education. Consult with your school as to whether CPPs are a fit for you given their approval parameters. A co-signer is not needed.
Once you complete the program, Leif will work with you to verify your income. When you earn above the Minimum Income Threshold, you will make fixed monthly payments through the Leif portal.
Because CPPs are not traditional debt, there is no set interest rate or accrued interest.
When you start earning above the Minimum Income Threshold ($40K), you will pay the fixed monthly installment amount during a determined period through the Leif portal. If you don’t earn $40K or above, your CPP will be forgiven after 5 years even though you paid nothing at all.
If you lose your job or earn below the Minimum Income Threshold, you will be placed into the Deferment Period and no payments will be due again until you are earning above the Minimum Income Threshold again.