It is certain that the preference of bootcamp graduates is directly related to the prevalence of technology. So let’s look into this a little more.
Due to the fact that technology pervades every aspect of daily life, companies that develop technology have an increased need to expand their IT workforce and capabilities. Since the main component of the workforce is trained manpower, the workforce education process has come to the forefront as a natural outcome of the hierarchy of needs.

Where Do Businesses Obtain Their Employees?

In response to this need, when we observe the resources that companies use to hire people, we find two broad categories:

● Computer Science (CS) graduates
● Bootcamp graduates

During this section, we will focus solely on the bootcamp graduation, but we will also briefly talk about computer science graduation in order to get a better sense of the subject.
It would be beneficial to understand the differences between computer science, which takes four years to complete, and bootcamp, which takes about a quarter of that time to complete. This will help you understand the employer’s point of view about hiring bootcamp grads.
Generally, It is concluded that a more detailed teaching method is indicated by computer science because of the probability of computer science students pursuing academic studies in the future.
In other words, it is intended to gain a deeper understanding of how computers work (from electricity to logical circuits and binary codes (0s-1s)) and to develop programming and advancement skills based on algorithmic thinking.
Computer science education allocates a long time for common core courses, and the branching period is usually done close to the last semesters of education.
It’s time to focus on bootcamp grads.

Why Do Companies Hire Bootcamp Grads?

Because the purpose of bootcamps is to shape themselves directly around market demands, they strive to graduate their students without wasting time by equipping them with market-relevant skills and interview preparation.
● Bootcamp includes lessons on computer fundamentals in its curriculum, but sufficient to make learning to code easier.
● Bootcamp keeps its curricula more up-to-date compared to computer science, in parallel with developments by closely following technology needs.
● Bootcamps are sensitive not only to educational content but also to IT tools in adapting to development.

In this way, it also explains the increasing reasons for hiring bootcamp grads in the sector.
Students in bootcamps have the opportunity to work with a goal-oriented approach and multi-faceted development as they establish their educational path (Data science, Developer, DevOps, Cyber Security) at the start.
In addition to technical skills, social and communication skills are also taken into account in recruitment. Project-based teamwork and group mentoring activities also lead to the development of social and communication skills of bootcamp grads.
The growing number of bootcamp students each year attests to the educational advantages bootcamp graduates enjoy. This increase has been observed to be more than 25% in recent years.
So, is the rate of so many bootcamp graduates finding jobs and taking their place in the business world also impressive? The answer is “absolutely!”

Clarusway is proud of the 91 percent job placement rate for its bootcamp grads in the United States.