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The Clarusway Independence Day Campaign Terms & Conditions

I. Introduction

  • Campaign Start Date: 01 July 2023

  • Campaign End Date: 31 July 2023

The Clarusway Independence Day Campaign is an initiative aimed at facilitating access to IT education for people on the occasion of the 4th of July Independence Day. As a technology education institution committed to diversity, inclusion and social responsibility, Clarusway recognizes the importance of offering resources and support to those facing hardship and upheaval

This policy outlines the principles, conditions and processes for the campaign, which aims to provide transparent, fair and comprehensive guidance to prospective candidates. The campaign offers three different financial support options:

All applicants who meet the eligibility requirements will be offered the discounts below over the list price per course;

  • 50% discount in upfront payment,

  • 30% discount on installment payment plan.

  • (Deferred payment plans are not eligible for this campaign.)

We believe in the transformative power of education and are committed to helping our students succeed in the rapidly evolving digital world.

By implementing this policy, Clarusway aims to contribute positively to the lives of individuals, empowering them with valuable tech skills and paving the way for potential career opportunities. We believe in the transformative power of education and are committed to enabling our students to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital world.

II. Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Clarusway Independence Day Campaign, applicants have “interest in Tech Education”

While no prior coding or tech experience is required to apply for the campaign, applicants must demonstrate a clear interest in the tech field and a commitment to complete the chosen course.

The aforementioned criteria aim to ensure that the campaign benefits the most needy individuals with a genuine interest in tech education. Clarusway reserves the right to verify the provided information and documentation for ensuring the authenticity of the applicants. Any discrepancy found in the provided information could lead to disqualification.

III. Campaign Overview

The Clarusway Independence Day Campaign is structured to provide a broad range of financial support opportunities tailored to our applicants’ individual needs and circumstances. 

The campaign consists of two main components:

  • 50% discount in upfront payment,

  • 30% discount on installment payment plan.

  • (Deferred payment plans are not eligible for this campaign.)

It’s important to note that The Clarusway Independence Day Campaign can be combined with “Referral” and “Fast Enrollment” campaigns offered by Clarusway under the special conditions of the aforementioned campaigns. The attendees can contact the admission team to learn about the combined campaign terms and the discounts offered within this scope.

IV. Application Process

The process to apply for the Clarusway Independence Day Campaign is designed to be straightforward and accessible. Here are the steps an applicant needs to follow:

Online Application: Applicants must complete an online Application Form available on the Clarusway website. The application will ask for personal information such as full name, contact details, and refugee status.

Application Deadline: All applications must be submitted during July 2023. Late applications will not be considered.

V. Responsibilities of Applicants

The Clarusway Independence Day Campaign comes with certain responsibilities. These responsibilities exist to ensure that the recipient receives the best education.

Adherence to Code of Conduct: All applicants are expected to adhere to Clarusway’s Code of Conduct throughout the duration of their course. This includes maintaining a respectful and positive attitude towards mentors, instructors, administrators, and fellow students.

Course Commitment: Applicants are required to commit to their chosen course fully. This includes regular attendance, completion of all assignments and projects, and active participation in all course activities.

Progress Monitoring: Clarusway may require applicants to submit regular progress reports or participate in assessments to monitor their progress and ensure they are getting the most out of their course.

Course Completion: Applicants are expected to complete their chosen course within the specified timeframe. 

By adhering to these responsibilities, applicants can ensure a positive and successful learning experience. These conditions also help Clarusway maintain a high standard of learning and a supportive, focused learning environment for all students.

VI. Policy Review and Amendments

This policy is subject to regular reviews and potential amendments to ensure that the Clarusway Independence Day Campaign continue to serve its intended purpose effectively.

Policy Revision Timeline: This policy will be reviewed periodically by the relevant team at Clarusway. This review will take into account the experiences and feedback of scholarship recipients, mentors, instructors, and administrators, as well as any changes in circumstances or operational needs.

Process for Implementing Changes: Any amendments to this policy will be made in consultation with key stakeholders within Clarusway, including instructors, administrators, and legal advisors. The relevant committee will discuss and approve proposed changes before implementation.

Communication of Changes: Any changes to this policy will be communicated through Clarusway’s official communication channels. This may include emails to current and prospective students, updates on the Clarusway website, and announcements through social media platforms.

This policy review and amendment process ensures that the campaign continues to adapt to the needs of candidates and remains in line with Clarusway’s mission of providing accessible and impactful tech education.

VII. Contact Information

For further information or clarifications related to the Clarusway Independence Day Campaign, prospective applicants and other interested parties are encouraged to reach out via the following contact channels:

Email: Please send any queries, concerns, or requests for information to our admissions office at We strive to respond to all emails within two business days.

Phone: You can call our admissions office at (+1 (571) 360 66 77). Our office hours are Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EDT (New York Time).

Address: If you prefer to send a letter, our mailing address is Clarusway (1775 Tysons Blvd., 5th Floor. Tysons, VA 22102).

Website: For more information about the campaign, the courses we offer, and the application process, please visit our official website at

Our team at Clarusway is committed to assisting you throughout the application process and answering any questions you might have about the scholarship and discount campaign. We are here to support your journey toward acquiring new skills in the tech industry.