AWS Developer Associate Certification Guide & Tips

AWS Certified Developer – Associate Certification is a comprehensive program for those who wish to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in using AWS Services to develop and deploy applications. This certification emphasizes a deep understanding of key AWS services, deployment methodologies, security considerations, and proficiency in development with AWS SDK (Software Development Kit). As a professional-level credential, AWS Developer Associate Certification is intended for people who wish to demonstrate their expertise on AWS.

Before February 27, 2023, the certification was called DVA-C01. After that time, a new exam version DVA-C02 is launched with significant modifications. In the context of exam domain weights, the DVA-C02 exam prioritizes development and troubleshooting.

Are you aspiring to become a Cloud/DevOps engineer with AWS Certified Developer – Associate Certification? Passing the certification exam can open up exciting career opportunities in cloud application development. This article explains the key topics, benefits, what the AWS Developer Associate Certification (DVA-C02) exam entails, and how to get ready for it with expert tips.

AWS Developer Associate Certification

What are the Key Topics (or Domains) of AWS Developer Associate Certification?

The key topics (or domains) of AWS Developer Associate Certification are development with AWS services, security, deployment, troubleshooting, and optimization.

The key topics (or domains), their weightings, and details are listed in the table below. 

Key Topic (Domain)% of ExamDetails
Development with AWS Services32%– Writing code for serverless applications.
– Translating functional requirements into application design.
– Implementing application design into application code.
– Writing code that interacts with AWS services by using APIs, SDKs, and AWS CLI.
Security26%– Making authenticated calls to AWS services.
– Implementing encryption using AWS services.
– Implementing application authentication and authorization.
Deployment24%– Deploying written code in AWS using existing CI/CD pipelines, processes, and patterns.
– Deploying applications using Elastic Beanstalk.
– Preparing the application deployment package to be deployed to AWS.
– Deploying serverless applications.
Troubleshooting and Optimization18%– Writing code that can be monitored.
– Performing root cause analysis on faults found in testing or production.
– Optimizing applications to best use AWS services and features.
– Migrating existing application code to run on AWS.

This infographic shows the key topics (domain) and their weightings.

key topics of AWS developer associate certification

What are AWS Developer Associate Certification Exam Tips?

Here are some AWS Developer Associate Certification Exam Tips:

  • 1. Relax and Rest: In the final days leading to the exam, prioritize rest and relaxation. Avoid cramming and ensure you get a good night’s sleep before the exam day.
  • 2. Tackle the easy questions first: When taking the AWS Developer Associate Certification exam, it’s important to employ effective strategies to maximize your chances of success. One key tip is to tackle the easy questions first. You’ll often find a mix of difficulty levels within each set of questions. By starting with the easier ones, you can quickly breeze through them, saving valuable time for the more challenging ones. This approach helps build confidence and ensures that you don’t get stuck on difficult questions early on, potentially causing time management issues later.
  • 3. Use your time effectively: Time management is essential for exam performance. With 130 minutes to complete 65 questions, you have nearly 2 minutes for each question. It is critical to keep this timeline in mind and pace yourself correctly. Make every minute count by not devoting too much time to specific queries. 
  • 4. Remember to flag the hard questions: Consider flagging a question and returning to it later if you’ve spent a substantial amount of time. The flag feature will be your ally during the AWS Developer Associate Certification exam.
  • 5. Stay calm: Maintaining a consistent pace throughout the exam ensures that you have enough time to answer all questions and avoids the stress of rushing to the conclusion. Remember that AWS adds unscored questions in each test for future assessment purposes; these questions will not influence your final score. 

Maintaining a consistent pace throughout the exam ensures that you have enough time to answer all questions and avoids the stress of rushing to the conclusion.

How to Study and Prepare for AWS Developer Associate Certification? 

Here are some tips on how to study and prepare for the exam:

  1. Set a realistic timeline for your preparation. The AWS Certified Developer Associate exam is not an easy exam, so it’s important to set aside enough time to study properly. If you’re a beginner to AWS, I recommend allowing yourself at least 4-6 weeks to prepare.
  2. Start by learning the AWS foundational concepts. The AWS Certified Developer Associate exam covers a wide range of AWS services, so it’s important to understand the foundational concepts before diving into the individual services. I recommend starting with the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, which will give you a good foundation in the basics of AWS.
  3. Master the AWS Architecture. To excel in the exam; it’s crucial to have a solid grasp of the AWS architecture. Get familiar with the different AWS services such as EC2, S3, RDS, Lambda, VPC, and API Gateway and understand how they interact within the cloud ecosystem.
  4. Use a variety of study materials. There are many great resources available to help you study for the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam. I recommend using a combination of official AWS documentation, online courses, and practice exams.
  5. Get hands-on experience with AWS. The best way to learn AWS is by doing. I recommend setting up a free AWS account and experimenting with the different services. You can also find many free tutorials and labs online.
  6. Take practice exams. Practice exams are a great way to assess your knowledge and identify areas where you need more practice. I recommend taking at least 2-3 practice exams before taking the actual exam. You can download AWS Developer Associate Certification example questions prepared by Clarusway instructors here.
  7. Take mock exams. Mock exams are the most significant aspect of your preparation since they allow you to gauge your degree of preparedness. According to experts, once you start consistently scoring above 80 on mock exams, you can consider yourself ready.
  8. Join a study group or community. Studying with others can be a great way to stay motivated and learn from others. There are many online and offline study groups and communities for the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam.
  9. Use the AWS documentation. The AWS Documentation at is a valuable resource that covers all aspects of AWS services in detail. Check this documentation carefully to reinforce your understanding of the services, explore implementation examples, and gain insights into recommended best practices.

What are the Benefits of AWS Developer Associate Certification?

The benefits of the AWS Developer Associate Certification, as highlighted by the IT Skills and Salary Report 2022, are manifold. Firstly, AWS certifications are among the top-paying ones globally. Specifically, 19% of the participants reported an increase in their salary after obtaining certification. Beyond the financial incentives, the certification also seems to drive qualitative improvements in professional endeavors. Most respondents observed a noticeable enhancement in the quality of their work after certification. Additionally, 41% of them felt more engaged at their workplace, and 36% reported an ability to perform their job duties more swiftly. Other notable benefits encompass receiving a raise or promotion, landing a new job, and witnessing a marked reduction in errors in their tasks.

To ensure addressing each topic, I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the AWS Developer Associate Certification. In this section, you’ll find answers to these FAQs.

FAQs about AWS Developer Associate Certification

What is the Passing Score for the AWS Developer Associate Certification Exam?

To pass the AWS Developer Associate Certification exam, you need to achieve a minimum passing score of 720. The exam results are graded on a scale of 100 to 1,000 points. The exam consists of 65 questions, out of which 50 questions will affect your final score. Your score reflects your overall performance on the exam and determines whether you have successfully passed the certification.

How Much Does the AWS Developer Associate Certification Cost?

AWS Developer Associate Certification exam cost is $150. However, the price is subject to change, so it is better to check the AWS Certification page for the latest pricing information.

How Long is the AWS Developer Associate Certification Valid?

The certification is valid for three years. Individuals must recertify when the validity term expires in order to keep their certified status. Recertification ensures that professionals’ skills remain current and relevant as AWS services, best practices, and industry trends evolve.

What Jobs Are Available for AWS Certified Developer Associate?

As an AWS Developer Associate, you can work on roles including the design, development, and maintenance of the AWS. AWS Developer, Cloud Developer, Application Developer, and DevOps Engineer are frequent job titles connected with this qualification. You can apply for these top 5 AWS jobs after certification.

What is the Average Salary for AWS Certified Developer Associate?

The average salary of an AWS Certified Developer – Associate salary is around $133,000 per year in the United States and $130,000 in Canada. You can also read the “How Much Is An AWS & DevOps Engineer Salary?” for specific locations.

Can I Become an AWS Certified Developer Associate AWS on my own?

You can become an AWS Certified Developer Associate on your own by following a strategic approach. To start, it’s crucial to choose online courses that offer hands-on exercises and practical examples. This approach solidifies your understanding of AWS concepts and services, aligning well with the practical nature of AWS certifications.

For newcomers to cloud computing and AWS, enrolling in a comprehensive AWS training program or an AWS DevOps course can establish a strong foundation. By committing to continuous learning, seeking hands-on experiences, and staying current with the latest AWS services and best practices, you can confidently pursue the AWS Developer Associate Certification.


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