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You will learn the fundamentals of cloud computing with using AWS in addition to learning Network basics, Linux, shell scripting, and Git. Also, you will master the most popular DevOps tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, Prometheus, and Grafana.

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Data Science

Data Science

You will learn how to extract knowledge and insights from different data types with our data science program. You’ll build data analysis and machine learning skills with real-world case studies, and hands-on exercises.

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Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development

You will learn the most up-to-date front-end and back-end tools by a project-based curriculum. You will make projects to fill your portfolios.

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Clarusway AIR Presents:

Clarusway Air presents a series of FREE courses that are indispensable for IT learners – vital and free like air. We offer the most comprehensive free IT training in the industry due to a commitment to providing the highest quality of learning to all. You can experience the academic excellence of our curated courses independent from your background – you can be a coding newbie or an IT professional who wants to build new skills.
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Satisfaction Rates 


Learning Management System (LMS)






Education Methodology

* Satisfaction rates were compiled from “Clarusway Student Feedback Survey” applied anonymously to 518 active students.

We lead the way!

We are committed to providing the most innovative and effective IT training available today. Our process is designed to lead each and every student to a successful professional career in the emerging global marketplace. We offer programs that enable YOU to level up!

  • Beginners earn job-ready skills
  • Professionals take control of their careers by learning new skills
  • Businesses can provide their teams with qualifications aligned for growth.
  • Our Job placement rates in the US 91% 91%

The Clarusway Difference : Our results-oriented programs are customized to best fit YOUR needs!

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Income Share Agreement

Income Share Agreement (ISA)

We’re offering ISA’s to reflect confidence in our programs’ outcomes*

We tie our success to yours. Pay nothing until you make it in your career in a job paying more than $40K and if you lose your job or don’t earn above the Minimum Income Threshold, you don’t make payments. We’ll cover your tuition until you’re in a financial position to pay us back.

*Our ISA option is only available for students from the US at this time. Please contact us for details.

Career Management System (CMS)

Showcase your skills in such a way that recruiters will not risk losing you. This is the magic behind our high job placement rate: the perfect blend of the most demanded IT skills in the industry with the most essential soft skills for success- you will be confident enough to defend your knowledge.

You will ace the interviews thanks to the tools and techniques included in our Career Management System.

Career Management System

The Clarusway Difference


Innovative Teaching Model

Learn smart with latest educational tools
Learn anywhere anytime with LMS
Learn by doing capstone projects

Up-to-date Curriculum

Flexible curriculum by industry experts
Rich assignments and hands-on exercises
Comprehensive programs

1 on 1 support

1:1 Coaching sessions with Career Services
Get instant answers in Q&A channels
Help Desk for technical support


Focused Approach

Daily follow-ups
Student learning analytics
Educational advice by mentors
Time management techniques
Student Feedback System

Career Services

Meet with IT professionals
Professional resume services
Linkedin profile building
Interview preparation
Salary negotiation

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Join outstanding companies with rewarding salaries. We offer the highest-demand IT skills YOU need for success!


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