Financing & Tuition

Choose the payment option that works best for you. We have five flexible payment options, and all these options come with a 15 day free trial period. If you leave the course during this period, you will receive a full refund.
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Learn More About Options

Clarusway offers you five different payment options. Here are the details.


Student Loan (Meritize Credit)

Clarusway Installment Plan (CIP)

Contingent Payment Plan (CPP)

Income Share Agreement (ISA)

* Important Notes:

  • The Contingent Payment Plan (CPP), Income Share Agreement (ISA) and Student Loan (Meritize Credit) options are only available for United States (citizens, permanent residents or work visa holders).
  • Although the total due amount of the Clarusway Installment Plan (CIP) is fixed, the monthly payment amount or the number of installments will be determined by the sales consultant (or advisor) according to the Clarusway Financing Strategy criteria and the final payment plan will be determined for the candidate.
  • The disclosure/explanations and provisions in the text of the contract/agreement you will sign are legally binding the signatories. In case of conflict with the context of the info sessions, ads, presentations or etc. with the text of the contract/agreement, the legally binding signed texts are valid.