How Much Is a Full Stack Web Developer Salary?

Full stack developers handle both the frontend and backend of an app or a website. It even needs to have knowledge about the database. Compared to other developers who specialize in a specific field like frontend or backend developers, they deal with almost every component in the system. Since they operate in a wide area and have many talents, the full stack developer salary is also very satisfactory.

Annual salaries depend on experience in terms of the time you spent on this job, the skills you have gained in the industry, and having what employers need. Also, another factor that affects the amount of salary is the region.

Is The Full Stack Developer Salary Satisfactory Within The IT Industry?

Full Stack web developers have a significant opportunity to generate high revenue growth. In this respect, full stack developers have high job satisfaction. Established companies pay a higher salary than startups. Startups mostly pay entry-level full stack web developer salary; however, they can make a very good profit in the long run. In general, we can say that full stack web developers get a good salary.

Are Fullstack Developers In Demand?

Considering technological developments, it is easy to say that the demand for websites and web applications will increase in the next decade. Therefore developers, especially full stack web developers, will remain in strong demand.

What Is a Fullstack Developer’s Average Salary?

Fullstack web developer salary varies according to different sources. We can examine the assessments of developer salary. However, it is always necessary to consider the developer’s skills, talent, background, and the region’s influence.

According to, a full stack developer’s salary range is between $80,312 to $106,358. But in order to have a broader view, let’s dive into some detail. Here are some ranges of salaries reported from different sources.

Full stack Web Developer Salary:

  • Payscale: $75k/year, between $48k and $113k.
  • Glassdoor: $68.5k/year,
  • Indeed: $113.5k/year.
  • above $94k/year between $80k and $106k.
  • ZipRecruiter: $102.4k/year, between $37.5k and $153k.

Junior Web Developer Salary:

  • Glassdoor: $58.8k/year.
  • Indeed: $56.7k/year, the lowest percent $14k/year.
  • ZipRecruiter: above $50.2k/year.

Senior Web Developer Salary:

  • Payscale: $87.8k/year, between $61k and $120k.
  • Glassdoor: $87.7k/year.
  • Indeed: above $100k/year. The top salary is $198k/year, and the lowest $36k.

The amount of full stack developer salary earned is satisfactory when looking at the average annual salary amounts. The IT sector continues to develop and grow very fast. In parallel with this, the labor force needed is increasing at the same rate. So be comfortable. As a full stack developer, you are progressing on the right track.

In addition, every effort to keep yourself up to date, increasing your skills with new languages and tools, and increasing your expertise day by day will help make you a valuable and demanded developer.


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