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Machine Learning

Students will learn how to use scientific methods, procedures, algorithms, and systems in this interdisciplinary field while developing the essential skills required by a data scientist and Machine Learning engineer.

With this program, participants will be able to learn how to build complex quantitative algorithms, synthesize large amounts of information, and gain leadership and communication skills necessary to deliver measurable and tangible results to a variety of business stakeholders!

Machine Learning

Machine Learning Course

A growing number of companies are developing machine learning products, increasing the demand for engineers who can deploy machine learning models to a global audience. This program will teach you how to create an end-to-end machine learning product.

Using performance metrics, you will evaluate and update machine learning models into a production environment such as a web application. This program is designed to help you gain the advanced skills you need to become a machine learning engineer.

Machine Learning Prerequisites

You need to have a foundation about the topics below to attend this program.

  • Python
  • Linux
  • SQL Basics
Deep Learning

Course Content

This is a 13-week programthat includes more than 135 hours of in-class sessions and a bonus of 54+ hours of Career Management Services(CMS). Our specialty CMS activities for the Machine Learning program include sessions on life coaching, Resume building, Linkedin, and interview preparation support.

Besides the curriculum, you will have the opportunity to practice what you have learned with 42 hands-on activities + 10 projects + 3 Capstone Projects at the end of the course.

In Class

135+ Hours Live In-Class

Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Introduction to Machine Learning Engineering
life coaching detail

54+ Hours CMS

Life Coaching Hours
Resume Building
Interview Preparation
model deployment with flask

Hands-on Activities

42 Hands-on
10 Projects
3 Capstone Projects

Course Schedule

The course starts on September 20th, 2021, and lasts 13 weeks. The sessions will be in the evening time on weekdays according to the EST time zone so that you can still attend classes if you are currently employed.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
18:30 -22:00
Tuesday, Friday
18:30 -22:00
10:00 -17:00

Upcoming Programs

20 Sep 2021

Machine Learning

Level : Professional
Duration : 3 Months


For what types of jobs can this program prepare me?
In the Machine Learning Engineer program, students will learn about machine learning algorithms and deployment techniques. They will be qualified to fill roles at companies seeking machine learning engineers and specialists. These skills can also be applied in positions at companies looking for data scientists to introduce machine learning techniques into their organizations.
What is the best way to find out if this program is right for me?
This program introduces the basic concepts of supervised and unsupervised machine learning. It will teach you how to create your machine learning product from scratch. Would you be interested in deploying an application powered by machine learning? If so, this program is a good fit for you.

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