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Part Time | 6 Months

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This course prepares students for the role of Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce Platform Developer I & II certification exams. No IT background is needed to get started. If you’re ready to start a brand-new career in a short time, jump in with our Clarusway Salesforce training! 


Course Overview

This course is a 24-week, rigorous online Salesforce training course. It will equip you with the skills you need to manage the Salesforce Platform successfully in the future. Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce Developer are the desired job titles. After finishing this Salesforce course, you will be ready to take the Salesforce certification tests like Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce App Builder, Salesforce Advanced Admin, and Salesforce Platform Developer I certification exams.

The Salesforce Bootcamp is created for persons without prior experience. No-It background is needed. You will always get assistance making the portfolio from a beginner to a job-ready state. We’ll guide you to build your portfolio with your prior experiences and our course curriculum. So in a short time, you will be ready to begin your new job!

Since job options are abundant, You may easily grow your abilities and career within the Salesforce industry. There are so much technical documentation and the linked developer community. Considering how many companies are shifting to the cloud, learning Salesforce can help you launch a successful and lengthy IT career.

Real Business Projects

Partner Companies


Trailhead Community

The Salesforce industry continues to grow quickly and is expected to create 4,2M jobs to be created in Salesforce Ecosystem by 2024. And Salesforce grows faster than 75% of top 100 tech companies. 

You’ll have the chance to build and contribute to real-to-life products that you can showcase in your portfolio while applying for Salesforce admin and developer jobs. You will learn the Salesforce platform with no coding. Besides, you will also learn Salesforce coding languages that will enable you to go further for Salesforce Developer positions.

Salesforce Developer Track includes project management and version control on salesforce with SFDX and Salesforce CLI. At the end of the course, you can deploy your projects in a production environment. Furthermore, the Lightning Web Component section is not limited to the introduction.

Why Salesforce Training?


Option to work remote or in office anywhere in the world

Great Pay

Average salary $100,000+ in the US

High Demand

There is a high demand in these job title?

Upcoming Programs

Salesforce Administrator & Developer Course

Schedule : Part-time
Duration : 6 Months
Curriculum : Warm Up Track + Salesforce Administrator Track + Salesforce Developer Track 
Level : Beginner (No Prerequisites)

17 April 2023

What Will You Learn?

ITF Graphicon

4 Weeks

Warm Up Track

The Warm-Up track will cover the schedule, representing the tools and the general knowledge about the program. Students will also review some basic IT resources and complete reading and assignments to familiarize themselves with Salesforce. Finally, they’ll get their Salesforce org ready.

  • SDLC
  • Agile
  • JIRA
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • Introduction to Salesforce
Module 1 Graphicon

8 Weeks

Salesforce Administrator Track

You will learn the fundamentals of the Salesforce Platform. You will be expert in Salesforce how to customize it with the Lightning Experience without writing any code, visualize critical business metrics using Reports and Dashboards, automate tasks, and manage your data within the salesforce.org platform. The best part is that there are no prerequisites for taking this course. No-it background is needed. Additionally, you will learn about designing new user interfaces with Visualforce, Lightning Component, and Lightning Web Component, manipulating your data with Apex, including Apex Triggers, SOQL, SOSL, and Apex Testing, and customizing Salesforce using a programmatic approach.

  • Data Modelling
  • Data Management
  • Record type- PageLayout
  • App Builder
  • Org Setting
  • Org Security
  • Report and Dashboard
  • Automation Rules
  • Process Builder
  • Flow
  • Basic Deployment 
Module 2 Graphicon

12 Weeks

Salesforce Developer Track

This module aims to teach students how to construct complicated business logic and interfaces using advanced programmatic capabilities of the Lightning Platform and data modeling. Additionally, you will learn how to create maintainable, reusable programmatic solutions that adhere to design principles and best practices for object-oriented programming and how to develop, test, and deploy such solutions.

  • Apex
  • Apex Test
  • Apex Trigger
  • Apex Async
  • SOQL
  • SOSL
  • DML
  • Governor Limits
  • Code Bulkification
  • Exception Handling
  • Visualforce
  • Aura
  • LWC
  • Deployment

Alumni Reviews

Sara Maple
Sara Maple
Career Karma
Read More
It has been 3 months I have been taking Salesforce classes in Clarusway and I have already earned my 2 certificates with the help of instructors and mentors. They are really helpful, open to communication and ready to respond all the questions. I won’t think second time to get in this fabulous program. Thank you Clarusway family
Yasin Y.
Yasin Y.
Switch Up
Read More
“It makes me very happy to enter the turning point of my life in such an institution. A team working with the enthusiasm of teaching, thank you in advance to all of them. The education system is divided into pre-class, in-class, and post-class, and it's really designed for you to learn. You can watch the lessons you missed or the lessons you want to repeat as many times as you want.”
Switch Up
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“It is a one-to-one course for those who do not have an IT background and want to specialize in this field. I would definitely recommend. Instructors' approach to students is very good. The training materials are pretty self explanatory.I strongly recommend.”
Course Report
Read More
"Good balance between theory lessons and projects. The small group is perfect to get personal assistance and resolving any doubt. The teachers are very good at adjusting their lessons to students' backgrounds and skills. Also, there are enough projects and content to put a portfolio together at the end of the Bootcamp."
Course Report
Read More
“The quality of the course instructors is among the most important values for CLARUSWAY. Thanks to this bootcamp, my perspective on the world has changed. I started to dream of a brand new world for myself. I can say that it is the best IT course in the field of IT."
Career Karma
Read More
“They really do their job consciously and offer a quality education method. Instructors and mentors are all very dedicated to their work. Their aim is to give students a good career and they are very successful at this. I have friends who were educated here and work in very good institutions. ”
Trust Pilot
Read More
"I definitely recommend Clarusway.I recommend this course even if you don't have an IT background. Because the Clarusway family as a whole support each other tremendously. In particular, the mentor system works very well and you can easily reach your one-on-one mentor."

Weekly Schedule

Monday 08 – 11 P.M. Live Class (Online)
Tuesday 08 – 11 P.M. Live Class (Online)
Wednesday 08 – 11 P.M. Live Class (Online)
Thursday 07 – 10 P.M. Internship CMS
Friday 08 – 11 P.M. Live Class (Online)
Saturday 10 A.M. – 01 P.M. Hands-on Post Class Teamwork
Sunday Free-day

The hours are indicated in the “Eastern Standard Time (EST)”.


Pay upfront and save $4,500 on tuition.



Total discounted fee is paid at the time of enrollment.
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Contingent Payment Plan (CPP)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce Administrators work with stakeholders to define system requirements and customize the platform. To put it simply, they enable users to get the most out of Salesforce technology. A Salesforce Admin best understands how to make the platform work for their company’s goals.

A thorough understanding of reports and dashboards is an absolute must for admins. You’ll need monthly, weekly, and even daily reports to get the most out of Salesforce. You should be able to expect your admin to do some analysis as part of their essential knowledge. 
Salesforce Admins can create new objects on salesforce and manage relationships between them.
A Salesforce Admin is responsible for security from user level to organization level.

A Salesforce Administrator’s duties are easy and enjoyable – this position is best done by someone who is an excellent planner. If you’re someone who enjoys organizing things, this would be an excellent match for you!
No. The test consists of 60 multiple-choice questions – you must correctly answer at least 39 to pass.

A Salesforce admin doesn’t require coding as part of his or her daily job because he/she will be working within a team. That team will consist of developers and consultants who will take care of the coding part. The admin has to take care of many decisions. If he or she know coding, it’s a value-added skillset. Coding is always an advantage but not necessary to start a career as a Salesforce admin. 

Salesforce administrators can do a lot of salesforce developer jobs without coding. However, this limits job scope. If you want more freedom in the role, and career advancement, you should also become a salesforce developer.

As a Salesforce Admin, you’ll want to develop expertise in areas such as database management, security, and compliance. You’ll also want a basic understanding of APIs. By having well-rounded technical knowledge, you’ll be able to speak to users and executives more confidently using your specialist expertise.
It is not difficult to learn. If you put your mind and concentration into learning the Salesforce CRM while you study our online Salesforce Training course, you will be able to master Salesforce within weeks.
With proper dedication and Clarusway Salesforce Administrator & Developer Course, it will take 5 to 6 months to find a job.
It can integrate with third-party applications making it ideal for businesses of all scales. The biggest advantage is that it is easy to use, saving companies time and resources. This frees up their employees to develop new ideas and business growth strategies. Because of the demand, Salesforce salaries in the US are one of the highest.
  • Fundamental object-oriented programming concepts.
  • Basic knowhow of C# and JavaScript.
  • MVC style of designing.
  • Data management, modeling.
  • Visualforce and Apex fundamentals.
  • Lightning framework.
  • Developer console.
  • Web services, SQL, SOQL
  • Aura and LWC Component Development.
  • Unit testing of Apex, Aura and LWC.
Salesforce is not tough if you start with the basics and master the admin part first. It is possible to learn Salesforce Development without a programming background. Anyone can master this platform with the right determination to master cloud skills.

Salesforce is a low-code or no-code application development platform. You don’t need to have a coding background to become a Salesforce Developer. It’s the perfect career choice if you wish to launch your IT career without any prior coding experience. Course content will be enough for you to create a background for your resume. Salesforce is a no-coding platform but it also rewards those who know coding to have more freedom in their career path. 

Salesforce reported $6.34 billion in sales for the quarter, which ended July 31, an increase of 23 percent year-over-year. It has a current remaining performance obligation of about $18.7 billion, an increase of 23 percent year-over-year, according to the company.

We provide various payment options to make the program work for you: 

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