Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)

Part Time | 6 Months

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In this course, you will learn to perform all controls of the developed products in line with user requests. You will become a Test Automation Engineer, which is the popular profession of the developing world. Are you ready for a six-figure salary? It’s your time to upskill and jump in with Clarusway!
software development engineer in test

Course Overview

Our Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) Course is designed to teach you how to deal with the testing part of programs. Our students gain important IT leadership training and the specific communication skills necessary to be successful in this interdisciplinary field.


To train graduates who can understand and apply the methodology professionally

Any Tool Needed

To make participants fully capable of competently working with any tool needed

In addition to the above-mentioned task of Test Automation Engineer; To identify the parts of the product that are not suitable for the flow and forward them to the relevant units, to develop test scenarios, to create the expected results in the test processes according to the analysis, to generate error reports, to ensure that all errors of the product are corrected until the delivery stage to the user, to perform rechecks after the necessary arrangements and to act together with the software team.



Option to work remote or in office anywhere in the world

Great Pay

Average salary $100,000+ in the US

Shortcut to IT World

Automation is the future, grab yourself a seat in the front line

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Why Clarusway

  • Proven Brand and Experience
  • Real Life Project Experience
  • Career Support
  • Easy Payment Options
  • Risk Free to Try
  • IT Network
  • Up to Date Curriculum
  • Innovative Teaching Model
  • No IT Background Needed
  • Upskill Programs
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  • Career Management Service
  • Live Classes
  • Well-established and highly regarded brand in the industry

Innovative Teaching Model

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  • We developed our Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Our custom LMS gives you the start to finish structure to get job-ready skills faster
  • Simply login and follow the path laid out for you, that’s it.
  • LMS has everything you need; the lessons, the projects, the mentorship sessions, the portfolio you need to build, the readings you need to do.

Upcoming Programs

Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)

Schedule : Part time
Duration : 6 Months
Curriculum : Software Development Engineer in Test
Level : Beginner (No Prerequisites)


Last Admission Date


What Will You Learn?

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Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)

  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Software Testing Life Cycle
  • JAVA
  • Selenium (with JUnit, TestNG, Cucumber frameworks)
  • MySQL
  • Jenkins
  • HTML
  • GIT/GitHub
  • JDBC
  • Jira Software

Career Management Service

  • Leadership & Teamwork
  • Problem Solving & Attention to Detail
  • Productivity & Organization
  • Creativity
  • Interview Preparation
  • Behavioral Interview Questions
  • Sharing of Experience By Experts In the Field of IT
  • Internship Support
  • Life Coaching
  • Time Management & Pomodoro Technique
  • Linkedin Management
  • Self Confidence & Active Listening & Communication
  • Resume & CV Support
  • Effective Working Techniques
  • Interpersonal & Transferable Skills

What Our Alumni Told ?

Course Report
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"I graduated from Clarusway Devops Program - I had no IT background and I enrolled ITF module first, then pursued AWS and Devops track. LMS was well-prepared for theoretical knowledge and curriculum was industry-oriented. Instructors were industry-experienced and so dedicated and helpful. Mentors were extremely supportive..."
Joshua Tallman
Joshua Tallman
Career Karma
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“I finished AWS section and continuing DevOps now. They are really good at teaching and make you gain an IT skill. Good LMS System for pre classes, qualified instructors, and amazing hands-ons. Instructors are very good at their area and passionate to teach. You realize hands-ons were well-prepared with a great effort...”
Charlie Falcon
Charlie Falcon
Switch Up
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“My experience with Clarusway was phenomenal in all aspects. The curriculum provided us with a solid foundation in AWS and DevOps that can be leveraged later after graduating and looking for jobs. We also built impressive projects that could be included in our resumes and discussed during interviews, which really helped...”
Yalcin Kose
Yalcin Kose
Career Karma
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“I highly recommend to take this course if you really want to be a AWS Cloud / DevOps Engineer. The course structure & curriculum are excellent. First you learn, then you practice with hands-on, next you do the project with the knowledge that you just got. When you attend, more than 20 projects waiting for you! ”
Carter Edward
Carter Edward
Course Report
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“I have finished AWS/DevOps course at Clarusway starting May 2020 and ending February 2021.Before I join this bootcamp, I did not have any experience in the IT industry. Throughout my time at Clarusway, I gained a great deal of confidence, knowledge, and experience from a wide variety of sources, including experienced engineers working in the industry..."
Switch Up
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“At Clarusway mentorship programs, peer-learning, and project-based group study methods. Unique methodology enhances the abilities of learners by providing a fast track to become subject matter experts. Students gain the requisite classroom knowledge paired with the necessary hands-on skills demanded by our fast-paced industry...”
DH Kim
DH Kim
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“I've completed their AWS Cloud and DevOps Engineering bootcamp! I'm very satisfied with the skills and knowledge I've obtained from the program! They go above and beyond. The curriculum and materials are of quality and are effective. The instructors are truly amazing, patient, and caring too! The Clarusway community is wonderful..."

Weekly Schedule

Monday 7 P.M. – 11 P.M. Lab + Live Class(Online)
Tuesday 7 P.M. – 11 P.M. Lab + Live Class(Online)
Wednesday 7 P.M. – 11 P.M. Lab + Live Class(Online)
Thursday 7 P.M. – 11 P.M. Lab + Live Class(Online)
Friday 7 P.M. – 11 P.M. Lab + Live Class(Online)
Saturday 8 P.M. – 10 P.M. Soft Skills (When needed from week-12)
Sunday Free-day

The hours are indicated in the “Eastern Standard Time (EST)”.



Pay Upfront and get 30% off
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Interest Free
IR: 0% and 0% Fee

$500 /mo

25 months

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$472 /mo

10+32 months

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our programs are designed for beginner to advanced level students. We offer a beginner-friendly IT Fundamentals Learning Path for those just getting started in a new IT career journey. For newcomers, our unique program does not require applicants to pass a technical elimination process before getting started. We have a simple assessment of communication skills to get to know our students better and that’s it – we’re welcoming to ALL participants! All we need are students who are motivated, commited to their new career goals, have discipline to complete projects, and the willingness to work hard! That’s the secret to success in standing out as an in-demand professional in the IT market! We’ll show you the way!

Our Full-Stack Automation Engineering program is designed to teach QA testing and QA engineering tools. This is a hands-on program designed to prepare participants for a successful career in this field. Intermediate level learners who have some foundation in IT may start the QA Tester course and skip the IT Fundamentals program. We also have other modules for IT professionals who are looking for IT career advancement. We’re here when you’re ready to upskill and boost your earning potential!

A quality assurance tester, or QA tester, works to establish and maintain standards in various professional fields, like software production, video games, digital products, web platforms and communication networks. They are also in charge of finding flaws, tracing error sources and problem-solving independently and in QA teams. In this capacity, they also work closely with developers to improve the functionality, effectiveness and productivity of the workplace as well as the quality of the product.

Quality assurance testing is sometimes confused with quality control testing, but the two differ significantly. Quality control refers to the process of detecting flaws in products that have already been manufactured and services delivered to customers. In comparison, quality assurance involves the internal developmental process of products and services before they are released to the public.

– A computer with at least a 2.0 GHz processor and 8 GB RAM, running Windows 10, macOS 10.13, or 64-bit Linux

– A headset or earbuds with a microphone

– A stable internet connection.

Additional monitor is highly recommended.

Don’t worry we got you. All the lessons will be recorded and you can watch them whenever a comfortable time for you is.
Yes. All our students who attend 70% of the live classes will be entitled to receive a certificate.
Of course, not. We have plenty of students who got hired by major companies. Jobs demand is very high but supply is low.
Though we cannot guarantee you the job, we will do whatever it takes to get you a job. If any institute is giving you the job guarantee, most of the time this is fake or else make sure to validate their claims before joining them. We will provide you assistance for getting a job. This includes resume review, interview preparation, mock interview and job alerts to your email inbox. We are sure if you use all the skills learned in this course you can easily convert any opportunity into a job offer.

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