Top Full Stack Developer Skills You Need to Stand Out From The Crowd

You definitely need certain full stack developer skills to stand out from the crowd because there is some news! In recent days, we have been faced with something called ChatGPT. It is revolutionary in that it allows people to use A.I. for almost everything. It can create code, give you food recipes, or it can summarize the whole book for you. People lost their minds, according to the article that “ChatGPT reaches 100 million users two months after launch” on the Guardian; statistically, ChatGPT reached 100 million users in just two months.

However, some concerns are also rising, like “ Will A.I. take jobs in the near future?”. There is no certain answer to this question, but it is obvious that people who want to enter the job market need to be more skilled and stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we will see what is a full-stack developer and his/her skills. Then we will dive into the what are the top full-stack developer skills that will make you in higher ranks of job seekers. By the end of this article, you will have a roadmap that will enable you to stand out from the crowd.

What is a Full-Stack Developer? 

A full-stack developer is a skilled individual who works on both the client as well as server sides of software applications. They are a component of the development team, which is in charge of every web app component. They maintain the databases, design and handle the application’s backend activities and ensure error-free development, testing, and deployment.

Full-stack developers’ work is diverse; they understand both the front-end and back-end of web applications and are thus in high demand in recent years. During the application process, they assisted their colleagues with challenging issues due to their diverse skill sets.

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What are Full Stack Developer Skills?

Diversity is the key in full stack web developer skills, and you need holistic development with all technical and soft skills. However, don’t worry you can learn all skills and make yourself more valuable to employees. Now, take a look what are the top full-stack developer skills.

Top Full Stack Developer Skills?

Top Full Stack Developer Skills

There are a lot of skills that you can learn in full-stack web development however you need to allocate your time and energy to top skills. For example, you can learn adobe photoshop to make better images in design however it is not one of the full-stack developer key skills. 

If you want to get an entry-level full-stack job, you have to demonstrate your skills. If you don’t have a professional full-stack developer certificate, employers won’t be able to be sure of your skills and projects. The full-stack developer certificates demonstrate that you have worked on hands-on projects and you are quite experienced.

It is possible to categorize top skills in many different ways, but we can divide them into two primary categories: technical and soft skills.

Full Stack Developer Technical Skills

Among the technical skills required for a full-stack developer, there are five main categories to consider: front-end skills, back-end skills, basic designing skills, database skills, and web hosting.

Front-End Skills


HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, and it is the first thing full stack developers should learn. When you open the website, it renders an HTML file which means HTML is the skeleton of the web page, and you can understand that without a skeleton, you cannot build something on it. Therefore full stack developers should understand HTML very well.

Secondly, CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets allowing developers to make colorful and organized websites. It represents the design side of the web app, and the front-end part of full stack development mostly depends on it. Therefore CSS is one of the top skills of a full stack developer.


JavaScript is the language that allows developers to communicate with web browsers. After HTML /CSS, JavaScript makes actions in the website that allows developers to create more advanced apps. There are certain frameworks that are created from JavaScript, like ReactJS, VueJs, and AngularJS. Full-stack web developers should learn JavaScript well and need to know one of the frameworks that we mentioned.

On the other hand, there is a more advanced type of JavaScript which is called TypeScript. After learning JavaScript well, full stack developers should also learn TypeScript, allowing developers to create more disciplined web applications. TypeScript has more advantages in the case of development than vanilla JavaScript.

Git / GitHub

Two of the most common full stack developer required skills are Git and GitHub. Firstly, Git, a “distributed version control system” for programmers, enables them to manage each and every step of the development cycle. It distinguishes itself from other control systems due to its error detection and tracking effectiveness. You can monitor how you are doing, make changes, add “snapshots,” go back and modify what is needed, and much more.

GitHub is a service that enables developers to work, manage, and evaluate several projects at the same time. Networking and communication between developers are facilitated by Github, as its name implies. Lastly, to provide developers with an ideal platform, GitHub takes advantage of Git features.

Back-End Skills


Java is a versatile language of programming. Furthermore, Java includes various frameworks that help reduce the complexity of backend development.

It is a unique ‘class-based’ programming language that is utilized not just for online application development but also for mobile and desktop apps. This makes it a versatile programming language for developers.


Python is a popular programming language for backend development, including frameworks such as Django and Flask. Python’s English-like syntax, easy learning curve, and wide range of modules and frameworks make it so popular among developers and coders worldwide.

The future of Python is very bright, and it might become the best language to use. Therefore it is one of the top full stack developers’ required skills.


Node.js is a platform that allows developers to run javascript code before it is sent to a web browser. It is so popular among developers that there are numerous conferences and events held each year to assist the Node.js community.

The main advantages of Node.js are scalability, speed, and maintainability. It is one of the most wanted skills in the market at the moment.

You can learn more about becoming a coder with the post: Can I Become A Coder Without A Degree?


One of web development’s most important aspects is handling data and databases. Imagine web application development without a database which means a person without memory. All web applications demand a database for storing all data. This is done to ensure that developers may later access the data. 

Managing relational databases and storing databases requires highly qualified and experienced Full Stack Developers. Therefore they must be skilled in database management and able to design, comprehend, and manipulate database queries. They should also have knowledge of XML and JSON.

Basic Design Skills

Because full-stack engineer works on both the frontend and the backend, they must have strong design skills. For a website to look attractive, front-end design skills are essential. Users are always more likely to stay on a website with a clean, user-friendly design.

As a result, full stack developers must understand fundamental design principles such as UI and UX design, prototyping, scalability, and so on.

Web Hosting Platforms

After finishing the application, there is another stage called deployment. This is the final set of skills needed to be a full stack developer. There are a lot of hosting platforms like AWS, Azure, Vercel, and Heroku. Additionally, learning Docker, Jenkins, and Kubernetes is also a great plus here. 

Full Stack Developer Soft Skills


The key feature of software development is being creative. You should always keep in mind that your application can change the world with your creativity, like Facebook and Instagram. 

Critical Thinking

There will always be errors and problems in your development process, and you need critical thinking here. This mentality will allow you to handle all problems in the process.

Strategic Planning

Every structure starts with a plan. Your application is also a great structure that must be planned very strategically. Therefore strategic planning is also a key skill for full stack developers.

Time Management Skills 

There will always be demands from customers, and most of them will be about time. The due date of your projects is generally a red line, and you have to get time management skills.


You will face struggles in both the learning process and the development process. You need to be patient and optimistic about the final outcome.


In general, you will work as a team, and your communication skills are vital here. You need to be at least able to communicate your problems and struggles in the work environment. 

There is too Much to Learn, What Should I do?

At this point, all of the skills might look like too much to learn. Obviously, people’s time and energy have limits, so allocation of willpower is important here. The first suggestion is to make a great plan and roadmap that will help you to handle all skills in the future. The second suggestion is that you can focus on tech stacks to learn.

What is a Software Stack? Which Stack Should I Learn?

A software stack is a collection of components that a website or online application requires to function properly. It consists mostly of an operating system, database software, a programming language, and a server. A full-stack developer can use a variety of stacks to create an application or a website, with the choice determined by the project or client’s demands. There are stacks for both front-end and back-end development.

Libraries, frameworks, version control systems, package managers, testing tools, caching tools, build systems, and other components comprise front-end development stacks. Container management technologies, caching methods, APIs (Application Programming Interface), search engines, caching tools, and DevOps are all part of the back-end development stack.

  • MER/AN stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJs / AngularJS, and Node.js. It is a JavaScript tool that handles front-end development. It is additionally useful for backend development. This facilitates the development of website applications.
  • LAMP stacks, like MEAN stacks, are open-source but run on Linux. Apache serves as the web server, MySQL stores data, and PHP serves as the programming language. LAMP provides a more dependable foundation for developing and hosting high-performance applications.
  • RoR stacks, often known as Ruby on Rails, are a popular web framework application. It runs on Apache, NGINX, or WEBrick servers and includes the SQLite database.
  • Django stack- it runs on Python web applications, and the functionality is provided by the framework rather than separate modules. This stack was simple to grasp.

Final Words

To sum up, you need some top skills to stand out from the crowds as a full stack developer. It includes both frontend and backend skills and some important soft skills. After a long learning process, you will get a great full stack developer skills resume which will help you to get a job as a full stack web developer.

You can join Clarusway’s fullstack developer course today to get mentioned top skills in full-stack development. You will get a great opportunity to learn technical and soft skills, making you stand out from the crowd.


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