Top Skills You Need to Become a Backend Developer

According to the current IT trends, there are no alternatives to backend developers and backend development in full stack world. The future of the IT industry is bright for back-end developers due to the lack of human resources in the market.

In our digital and internet age, every business is required to have an online presence, and they need high-quality backend development for their application. Although many users are not aware of the backend and front-end differences, the IT sector cannot continue like that and will not survive without backend developers.

As a requirement of our digital age, every business has to position itself somewhere in the online environment. Even though technology can solve every need with automation, a good backend developer is always needed to create quality and secure websites. And for this reason, we emphasize that backend developers have a very solid place in the future market.

This article will talk about the skills that those who want to work as a back-end developer should acquire. There are many ways you can enhance your skills as a backend developer. In this context, we will talk about:

  • Backend and Backend Development
  • What Backend Developers Do
  • Technical Skills and Technological Expertise Required to Become a Backend Developer
  • Estimated Backend Developer Salary
  • What should a backend developer portfolio be like?
top skills to become a backend developer

Backend and Backend Development

Before addressing the capabilities that backend developers should acquire, let’s discuss the concept of backend development. Server management, internal processes, and tools to maintain the customers’ service on the network side and everything in the background can be called a “backend.” Code that helps browsers communicate with database information is written by backend developers, like online store purchases or account logins. These are server-side activities coded by the back-end guys.

What Backend Developers Do (Roles – Responsibilities – Tasks)

Backend developers collaborate consistently and harmoniously with frontend developers to create user-friendly and fast applications. This communication skill has to be very effective in order to achieve the desired goal in a software project. Otherwise, there will be confusion in the operation of the project.

Generally, the backend developer is on the logical side of a project. They deal with the software architecture and are logically related to the server-side of the system’s web, mobile application, and database. Backend developers should ensure that when the user requests the system through a front-end framework, the program can provide the requested data or information to the user. The developer is also responsible for ensuring fast and secure communication of the application and the data flow. They secure the line between the server and the user as well.

  • In their daily programs, backend developers do the following tasks:
  • Development of back end systems and business logic for product support,
  • Design functional APIs;
  • Cross-browser and responsive HTML5 / CSS3 layout;
  • Design of service architecture;
  • Creation of the site core;
  • Development of the platform’s functionality;
  • Design of user interfaces.
  • Work with code architecture;
  • Monitoring of the status of servers.

Technical Skills and Technological Expertise Required to Become a Backend Developer

Programming languages like Python, Java, SQL, NoSQL, and tools like Git, Postman are core skills for backend developers. However, backend developer skills are not limited to these. Many technological innovations and modern techniques come into our lives every day. Keeping up with these techniques and innovations has become a necessity to stay in the game. Fortunately, these innovations have focused on reducing the coding and the learning effort.

backend developer technical skills

Let’s talk about the technical skills and technological expertise required to become a backend developer, which is the main subject of our article.

  • Mastering at least one programming language. You can learn Java programming language in order to be a Java backend developer. Python, Ruby, .Net, etc., and frameworks are also popular.
  • For example, to become a Java backend developer, the Java programming language must be learned. The Python programming language and its various popular frameworks should also be known.
  • Must have experience with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript. Thus, it can communicate with the front-end team.
  • Accessibility and security compliance knowledge.
  • Within the scope of back-end developers’ activities of managing a hosting environment and database management, MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, Oracle, SQLServer, which are frequently used in DBMS technologies, must be developed.
  • Must have enough knowledge about managing the cloud environment along with database management of projects.
  • Must have enough Linux experience (especially must be familiar with Linux commands) to manage servers.
  • Information about the REST and SOAP web services is a must.
  • To have sufficient knowledge of security compliance and accessibility.
  • Version control systems (such as GIT) knowledge and experience
  • To be experts in their chosen language.

Other Good to Have Skills :

  • Having experience with frameworks (Laravel for PHP, Django for Python, etc.)
  • Knowledge of data structures.
  • Security awareness for each layer of software.
  • Knowledge of desktop and mobile application logic and architecture.
  • To read and understand universal technical documentation.

Estimated Backend Developer Salary

According to research and considering previous year’s figures, back-end developer salary reaches $120,798 per year, according to study and taking into account last year’s figures. This figure may vary based on expertise, experience, skills, company, country, and many other factors.

It should be noted that the salaries of backend developers are higher than the salaries of front-end developers. This is because front-end developers can often run their business using automated tools, whereas backend development requires much more technical expertise.

What Should a Backend Developer’s Portfolio Be Like?

You can easily present work with visual elements in your portfolio. However, in the project, SQL query, API optimization or database operations, etc., how can you express or present non-visual abstract works in a portfolio? There are several ways to present backend developer portfolio studies: the design models used, the features of the system, and the load capacity it can handle, the difficulties in the system, etc. A blog can be written about the topics mentioned. You can even open these issues to discuss and contribute to its development. With that, building an online presence and participating in events like GitHub can help increase the visibility of your portfolio.


We have tried to share the importance of being backend developers in the software development world. In short, to be an efficient developer, he must have all the knowledge and skills and must be passionate about coding.

For those passionate about technology and those interested in programming, backend development is the perfect option. There are a number of ways you can gain backend developer skills and be successful at it. Whether you are looking for training that you can complete in a short time, or you are looking for a variety of subjects, you can set out first by determining your needs and wishes. You can then choose a code training camp or an official degree program.


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