What It Takes To Be The AWS Certified Devops Engineer

One of the most needed professions in the 21st century is an AWS certified DevOps engineer. As a certified DevOps engineer, you have the opportunity to work in many respectable companies. It is undeniable that most of the big companies today have migrated, and the others continue to migrate to the cloud.

Value of AWS Certified DevOps Engineer?

AWS is the pioneer in cloud computing, and today it holds a large part of the market. If the company you want to work with uses Amazon infrastructure, you may need to use AWS-specific DevOps tools as an AWS DevOps Engineer. AWS has its native DevOps tools, and it also allows the use of some DevOps tools that are frequently used in the IT world today.

Why Do You Need AWS Certification?

One of the most important ways to prove that you have the necessary knowledge and experience in DevOps, especially for companies using Amazon infrastructure, is to have AWS certificates for DevOps engineers. As a DevOps engineer, being certified with the AWS DevOps Professional Certification will give you a great advantage. It is often recommended to obtain all associate-level certificates to reach a professional-level certification. Although there are different areas where associate-level certification exams are concentrated, questions may arise (although in different densities) related to the subjects covered in each associate-level in professional-level certification exams.

In the description portions of some job postings, it is stated that you must have AWS Certified Developer – Associate or AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional certifications and/or implied that you might have an advantage compared to your competitors. If you have these certifications, you can stand out among those who applied for a job.

How to Prepare AWS Certification Exams, Especially AWS Certified DevOps Engineer?

There are many ways to study towards obtaining these certifications. Although AWS’ documentation is very well prepared, it can take a long time to learn since it shares many topics and details. If you want to get your certificates at an optimum time, it is a wise attitude to focus on the exam you will take and have some systematic approaches to studying. There are lots of online/offline courses. If you do not have a background in AWS and DevOps, enrolling in IT fundamentals, AWS and DevOps courses for up to 1 year is one of the best methods. If you have a background in IT and cloud computing, it would be the most logical approach to start directly with the DevOps course. Below is a list of which services you should be familiar with to become an AWS Certified DevOps Engineer:

✔ AWS Config ✔ AWS System Manager ✔ AWS Inspector
✔ AWS Lambda ✔ AWS Step functions ✔ AWS Service Catalogue
✔ AWS DirectConnect ✔ AWS Cloudtrail ✔ AWS Cloudwatch
✔ AWS Trusted Advisor ✔ AWS Macie ✔ AWS GuardDuty
✔ AWS CloudSearch ✔ AWS Server Migration Service ✔ AWS Organisations
✔ AWS Quick Insight ✔ AWS Cloudformation ✔ AWS API Gateway
✔ AWS SQS ✔ AWS CodeStar ✔ AWS CodeCommit
✔ AWS CodeArtifact ✔ AWS CodeBuild ✔ AWS CodeDeploy
✔ AWS CodePipeline ✔ AWS Cloud9 ✔ AWS X-Ray

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