What It Takes to Become A Full Stack Developer?

As one of the highest-demand IT careers in the market today, Full Stack Developers earn impressive starting salaries and have an excellent career path for advancement! At Clarusway, we focus on helping students learn the most up-to-date industry tools that employers want RIGHT NOW. To fully understand what’s involved with this career, we’ll explain the job duties and what it takes to become a success. We train students to become proficient AND gain the project work needed to hit the ground running as they launch their careers.

What Is Full Stack Developer?

Full Stack Developers can develop both Front End and Back End parts of both web and mobile applications software development.

A Full Stack developer can work in both the foreground and background of the project.

For this reason, developers who introduce themselves with this title are not only knowledgeable in software, but also the main areas of software development. For example, a Full Stack developer can code the web application using PHP and SQL, can design this application visually using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. At the last stage, this software can run smoothly on the server and ensure its security.

Almost all of the software we see consists of two parts – the first part is the user interface that any end-user sees at first glance and the second part is the background code. In the user interface section, users see the design and graphic aspects of the software. However, it is not the graphical elements or visual interface that give functions to software – the codes running in the background are the heart of the program. This main functional part of the system is the software part -or “the iceberg of the project” since it’s the invisible portion of the software.

Those who develop the visible side of the software are Front End Developers and the people who develop the invisible, functional part of the software are Back End Developers. Developers who provide both the frontend and backend sides during the development of a software project are Full Stack Developers. While developing a software project, the Full Stack Developer can design the infrastructure of this software itself and develop the software by taking part in the design section that users will see.

Who is a Full Stack Developer – Is this the career path for you?

Successful Full Stack Developers are familiar with each layer and show a genuine interest in all software technology. Full Stack means that he or she can dominate both sides during the application development. Good developers who are familiar with the full stack are flexible and know ways to make the projects run smoothly with successful workarounds and solutions.
Full Stack Layers: User Interface(UI), Server, Network, and Hosting EnvironmentA Full Stack Developer should be familiar with how to build these applications and the server content of the website. A Full Stack Developer can also work with DevOps when necessary.

Full Stack Developer Salary

The expectations of companies in the IT sector are getting higher day by day. Owners are now turning to Full Stack Developers, who are self-developed enough to handle both, instead of two different employees who will work separately in the front end and back end sections. Therefore, Full Stack Developers can both seize more suitable business opportunities and reach higher salary opportunities compared to users working in a single field.

Becoming a Full Stack Developer from a beginning level starting point is a challenge but well worth the effort! Don’t settle for learning just one portion of the equation! If you’ve already worked as a front or back-end developer before, it will be a little easier of course.

According to indeed.com, the average Full Stack Developer salary in the United States is $108,105 per year. This career path has excellent opportunities – read on to learn what it takes to get started…

How Do Developers Work Together?

Full Stack Developers always need to stay on top of the highest-demand programming languages and frameworks. Education in this field evolves, and continuous development is necessary. Full Stack Developers become key figures in small-scale projects or become functional in a teamwork setting or part of a development team. Large developer teams already have experts who will develop the foreground and background of the software. In such cases, even if members are not all trained to be Full Stack, the team itself can be functionally Full Stack when team member talents are combined. For smaller projects, Full Stack Developers become the primary choice.

become a full stack developer

Here Are The Steps You Need To Take To Become A Full-Stack Developer

Being a Full Stack Developer does not mean learning EVERY language you can find or adapting to know as many languages as possible. Being a Full Stack Developer means being a developer who can meet the needs of the companies hiring – it can vary considerably. If you want to become a Full Stack Developer, here’s what you need to know step-by-step:

Determine Your Field

As we said before, Full Stack Developer does not mean developers who try to learn every language they come across. First, research which type of customer profiles you appeal to and then analyze your customers’ needs in this area. For example, many customers want Full Stack from a web developer; He/she expects to know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, multipurpose programming languages, database systems, web servers, payment systems, and version-control systems.

Focus on Exactly What You Need (not ALL software languages)

It seems like knowing as many languages as possible will surely mean a big plus for a Full Stack Developer. However, you run the risk of having a shallow understanding. It will be completely unnecessary to switch to others without mastering the languages you need FIRST. Go to the basics you need and learn them thoroughly. Turn to popular preferences, taking into account the current year. Remember, this field evolves. As we say in the IT field, the only thing constant is CHANGE. At Clarusway, we teach the HIGHEST demand skills for today’s marketplace.

Make Sure You Reach an Adequate Level

You don’t need to be an expert on the languages you learn – you cannot possibly learn every aspect. However, it’s expected to become proficient in what you do. Determining to what degree you are competent in the field you are heading for is completely proportional to meeting the needs of customers. With time and project mastery, skill levels increase of course.

Start Creating

If all steps are completed so far, it is time to start doing something entirely your own. It is extremely important to develop software that is completely your own. There’s no substitute for deep project work. We always focus on in-depth projects to build experience and every Clarusway graduate does a Capstone Project. This separates us from shallow-level Bootcamp instruction. Every student starts an internship with real companies and projects from day one.

Why Become a Full Stack Developer?

Given the option to specialize in Front End or Back End development, why wouldn’t any developer choose to learn the full spectrum? The knowledge of both sides of the equation is both a challenge AND a gift. It takes both time and 100% commitment! Are you up for the challenge? We’ve been successfully training students to master both the front and back end of development as Full Stack Developers – with a placement rate of just over 90% within 3 months of graduation. (TOTAL beginners!) You can do this – if you have the right mindset.

Bring VALUE to An Organization!

When you can discuss both aspects of the full stack development process and disconnect, you become more valuable to a team. A developer who can easily evaluate and communicate how a website should look, feel AND function is prized in today’s job marketplace. Understanding the technical limitations of these sites makes a developer a respected and valued member of any team or company. With increased knowledge comes a higher salary – excellent motivation that can be truly life-changing.

Full-Stack Bootcamp – Clarusway

Being a Full Stack Developer is a job that requires serious effort and requires stable work. To do this, it’s beneficial to receive training from institutions that know the business inside and out. Clarusway is a company that provides both online and physical courses with expert trainers and equipped full-stack developers. You can become a Full Stack Developer with just 6-9 months of training from the beginner level. At this time, we’re focusing on the online training due to covid safety measures. Clarusway Full Stack Academy will train you from beginner level to expert level in just 6-9 months with expert trainers.

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