Backend Development Course

This course focuses on databases, programming, and website architecture. Back-end developers work closely with the front-end team to deliver the final product. You’ll land the best Back-End job by proving your skills! We support you throughout the process!
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Backend Development

Course Overview

In the Backend Development Course, we train students to successfully learn the necessary skills for delivering quality back-end products.

Back-end development is called server-side development. It focuses on databases, programming, and website architecture. Backend developers work closely with the front-end team to deliver the final product. If you are working in the software world, you know this field is ever-changing and rewards those who can adapt and keep their skills fresh. It’s up to you to climb to the next level – we can help with the most up-to-date training in the industry!

After completing the Backend Development Course, you will be able to:

  • Develop applications with Node Js by using Express Js running at the back-end.
  • Design and use a database and integrate this database with APIs and Applications.
  • Develop APIs including database support and deploy these APIs to popular servers.
  • Handle and ensure accessibility and security compliance such as user authentication and access control for an application working at the back-end.
  • Make version control, such as Git.

Backend Methodology

To train graduates who can understand and apply the Backend methodology professionally

Any Tool Needed

To make participants fully capable of competently working with any tool needed on Backend

The Backend Development Course is a 3-month program that includes more than 100+ hours of in-class sessions and 54 hours of Career Management Services (CMS). Students will work on 4+ projects. One week will be dedicated to 3 projects (for each) and 2 weeks are devoted to one in-depth capstone project. In each project, students will implement what they have learned and gain experience with real-world examples.

Why Backend Developer?

High Demand

Need for back-end developers rose every year


If you like coding, this is the right place for you

Great Pay

Average salary $110,000+ in the US

Have a Question?

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Why Clarusway

  • Proven Brand and Experience
  • Real Life Project Experience
  • Career Support
  • Easy Payment Options
  • Risk Free to Try
  • IT Network
  • Up to Date Curriculum
  • Innovative Teaching Model
  • No IT Background Needed
  • Upskill Programs
  • Mentoring Support
  • Career Management Service
  • Live Classes
  • Well-established and highly regarded brand in the industry

Innovative Teaching Model

  • We developed our Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Our custom LMS gives you the start to finish structure to get job-ready skills faster
  • Simply login and follow the path laid out for you, that’s it.
  • LMS has everything you need; the lessons, the projects, the mentorship sessions, the portfolio you need to build, the readings you need to do.

Package Details


  • Duration: 12 weeks 
  • 240 hrs didactic/video sessions
  • 60 hrs Labs/Projects sessions
  • 120 hrs Tutoring (mentor guided) sessions
  • Mentoring, Teamwork, Workshop, Career Management Service (CMS)
  • Average 15 seats
  • Prerequisites: JavaScript

Upcoming Program in Premium

Schedule : Full-time
Duration : 12 Weeks
Curriculum : Module 3 (Back-End Development) 

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • React
  • JavaScript

26 February 2024

Last Admission Date

19 February 2024

What Will You Learn in Premium?

Back-End Development

  • Node Js
  • Next Js
  • Express Js
  • 5 Hands-on projects
  • 1 Capstone Project
  • SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Sequelize
  • Docker Deployment



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Installment Plan

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$750 /mo

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Premium Weekly Schedule

Day/Time8:30 A.M. - 12:00 P.M1:00 P.M. - 4:30 P.M.
MonMentoring and CMS (every 2 weeks)Labs / Live Class (Online)
TueMentoringLabs / Live Class (Online)
WedMentoringLabs / Live Class (Online)
ThuMentoring and TeamworkLabs / Live Class (Online)
FriMentoring and WorkshopLabs / Live Class (Online)

The hours are indicated in the “Eastern Standard Time (EST)”.

What Our Alumni Told ?

Tuncay Erman
Tuncay Erman
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“Briefly and in general terms; I have observed that Clarusway is one of the most qualified institutions and moreover a community that you can encounter and you may want to be involved in the IT industry today. I had an amazing experience going with Clarusway...”
Selman Koral
Selman Koral
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“Clarusway's effective teaching method and curriculum made me realize I made a great choice. Instructors are good at what they do and the lecture is clean. It also provides a lot of practice through assignments. There is a very warm and efficient atmosphere among trainees, everyone helps each other out...”
Course Report
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"Until I started the bootcamp, I was looking for a job that I may have enjoyed doing. I am now doing what I always dreamed of after finishing the bootcamp. I have a job that challenges me every day, learning new things and being better than myself the next day. Clarusway bootcamp prepared me for my current job and provided me with friends for life and unique experiences..."
Course Report
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“Clarusway provided me with all the knowledge, training, and tools I needed to gain access to a position as a web developer. My goal was to learn the basics of coding and to be able to be operational as quickly as possible: it was a success! In my view, Clarusway provides an excellent career coaching service..."
Nicky W.
Nicky W.
Career Karma
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“Definitely recommend! I started from the beginner level. Although I did not attend any education or course in IT before, I started working full time with what I learned in the Clarusway. Being able to communicate with mentors and instructors 24/7 was an excellent experience.”
N. Harvey
N. Harvey
Career Karma
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“I had an amazing experience going with Clarusway. I made incredible connections with instructors, mentors, and classmates that I will continue to cherish and maintain. Clarusway is not just a bootcamp, it's also a community, and that's hard to come by all on your own...”
B. Punar
B. Punar
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“I just registered. Great for now. The course materials are very good. The student interface program is very practical. They give direct and one-on-one attention to each and every student. I can get answers to my questions very quickly. There are very beneficial interactions between students and mentors to learn together..."

Frequently Asked Questions

According to the current IT trends, there are no alternatives to back-end developers and back-end development in the full-stack world. The future of the IT industry is bright for back-end developers due to the lack of human resources in the market. In our digital and internet age, every business is required to have an online presence and needs high-quality back-end development for their applications. 

As a requirement of our digital age, every business must position itself somewhere in the online environment. Even though technology can solve every need with automation, a good back-end developer is always needed to ensure a quality online presence and secure websites. Back-end developers have an excellent place in the future of IT.

Those who are studying modern application architecture and developing APIs can attend this course.
The in-class sessions will be taught through zoom.

Upon graduation, students will be capable of working in a range of back-end (server-side) development careers. You may focus on one or more of the fields, including database, programming and website architecture. 

This program is ideal for individuals who want to focus on databases, programming, and website architecture. You will learn :
  • Developing applications (with Python – Django Framework)
  • Designing and using a database and integrating it with APIs and Apps
  • Developing APIs (with database support and deploying to the servers)
  • Developing web applications (with ReactJS)
  • Handling and ensuring accessibility and security compliances at the back-end
  • Making version control, such as Git

We provide various payment options to make the program work for you: 

Our program offers back-end development training in addition to IT Fundamentals and Front-End Development (Module 2). This is ideal for prospective students with a background in HTML, CSS, Python, and React JS. All you need to bring is motivation, commitment, discipline, and a willingness to work hard to distinguish yourself as an IT expert.
Back-End Development (IT Fundamentals + Module 1 (Front-End Development) + Module 2 (Back-End Development)) program’s prerequisites are:
  • HTML (Basic Level)
  • CSS (Basic Level)
  • SQL (Nice to Have)
  • Python (Nice to Have)

Back-end developers are also known as server-side developers, and they work with databases, programming, and website architecture. To deliver the final product, backend engineers collaborate with the front-end team. 

The popular back-end technologies are:
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • C# (.NET)
  • Python
  • C++
  • C
  • Scala
  • Golang
  • Functional Programming (FP)

A backend developer is a professional who works on the backend or server-side of web apps. The things hidden from the users are referred to as server-side. It contains the following items: 

  • Application logic
  • Servers
  • Databases
  • Application Programming Interface (API)

A back-end developer should know the following: 

  • How to develop applications with a programming language by using a framework running at the back-end
  • Design and use a database and integrate this database with APIs and Applications
  • Develop APIs, including database support, and deploy these APIs to popular servers
  • Develop web applications with ReactJS or vs. and deploy these apps to popular servers
  • Handle and ensure accessibility and security compliance such as user authentication and access control for an application working at the back-end
  • Make version control, such as Git
The term “back-end” refers to the portions of a computer application or program’s code that enable it to function but are not accessible to the user. The majority of data and operational logic are kept and retrieved in a computer system’s back end. The back-end of a system includes the following:
  • Programming and scripting languages like PHP, Python, and C#
  • Frameworks for automated testing
  • Scalability and availability of the network
  • Database administration and data transformation
  • Practices for cyber security and data backup

The Backend Development Course is a three-month curriculum that includes over 100 hours of in-person instruction and 54 hours of Career Management Services (CMS). Students will work on three projects, two of which will be completed in one week, and the other one will be completed in two weeks. 

The payment varies based on the organization and the scale of the project. Typically, Back-end Developers may earn more because they are building the mainframe, developing it functionally, and storing it in the project’s database throughout their backend developer skills and experience. 

Back-end developers are on the list of high-demand tech jobs. Businesses will continue to seek additional. Back-end developers to keep up in today’s competitive market. All you need to do is continually improve your skills to stay on top of the latest technology. We can help with that!
The average salary of a Back-End Developer is $119,957 per year in the United States.
The most common languages used in the back-end are Python, PHP, C#, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, and Golang.
A backend developer is a professional who works on the back-end or server-side of web apps. The things hidden from the users are referred to as server-side. It contains the following items: 
  • Application logic
  • Servers
  • Databases
  • Application Programming Interface (API)

C++ is a programming language used as a back-end language. 

Python is a versatile language that can be used for both front-end and back-end programming. On the other hand, Python is a core programming language for back-end development due to its simple syntax and broad server-side use. 

SQL is the most commonly used programming language for back-end database interaction. It is a widely used back-end programming language for creating and maintaining relational databases.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the language that a browser uses to display a webpage on the front end.

A host environment hosts JavaScript. It’s front-end in that situation. JavaScript can run on the back-end because there are different server-side host environments. 

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