How To Start An IT Career Path?

Companies need information technologies to ensure competitiveness and deliver products and services to their customers flawlessly. Especially when considering the conditions brought about by the recent covid 19 outbreak, many companies have discovered ways to use technology to their advantage. The need for trained IT professionals has also increased significantly.

Hence, many people who want to start a new career may consider an IT career path. Or, many people working in the IT career fields can create many great opportunities for themselves along with the career change they will make. This article discusses the reasons for choosing an IT career path, starting steps, and valuable tips. Also, all the IT career questions in your head will be answered, and you will be able to access everything you are interested in about IT career salary, IT career fields, and more from the article.

Why Choose An IT Career Path?

At the beginning of the questions, you’re looking for an answer to “why choose an IT career path?” references. Choosing a path in the IT world has many benefits, especially;

Job Stability:

First of all, IT offers business stability because there is more demand for skilled IT professionals than people in the field. And every day this demand is increasing.

The Opportunity To Receive Training At Low Cost:

In most cases, people can be trained in IT without a university education that lasts as long as four years. That means the cost of training to enter the field can be significantly lower than other highly paid fields such as medicine or engineering.

Continuous Change:

Also, the IT career fields are constantly changing with the emergence of new technologies. That makes it a good choice for people who like to keep learning.

Above-average Earnings Opportunities:

As you enter the IT world, career salary opportunities that are much higher than your average earnings await you.

What Are The Steps To Starting An IT Career Path?

1. Explore Roles And Positions:

IT career fields are a very diverse industry with many specialties. Some of these include cloud engineers, data scientists, software developers, DevOps engineers, and more. Researching existing roles and positions in the IT world will help you understand which ones are suitable for your existing skills, interests, and career goals.

2. Create A Shortlist:

When you finish your initial research, create a shortlist of potential jobs. With your ideal jobs in mind, keep researching for the qualities to be hired for your chosen roles. By doing this, you can focus on education and training to better prepare you for the positions you want in the IT career fields.

3. Start Learning How To Write Code:

HTML and CSS, in general, are the encodings that people are trying to learn first because it is easy to learn from a training course. Other languages you may want to devote time to learning include JavaScript, Java, C++, Python, etc. These can be considered more advanced languages, and a good education is required to be learned.

4. Sign up for Good IT training:

Sign up for training to shape the IT career path you started at the end of your studies above and strengthen your candidacy. Research the most appropriate training according to your goals.

5. Contact IT professionals:

Find networking opportunities with other IT professionals before embarking on your adventure on the IT career path. By participating in networking events where you are likely to meet them, you increase your chances of getting a job application. These referrals are valuable because they allow you to take a particular interest in a competitive field.

6. Work Freelance For Experience:

After working on your Applicable IT skills and building your network, you can often gain experience by freelancing. Freelance work is an excellent way to enter the IT world because it allows you to gain experience while getting your business. Consider all this work as an opportunity for yourself and make good use of it.

7. Be Prepared To Answer Technical And Behavioral Questions:

When you start interviewing, you need to be prepared to answer technical questions and, in some cases, solve technical problems. Prepare for your interview by researching popular interview questions that are highly technical to test your IT skills. In addition to technical questions, remember that you will also face behavioral questions in the interviews you enter and prepare for these issues.

Some Popular It Career Fields Interview Questions Include:

  • What do you know about HTML?
  • What is the relationship between React Native and React?
  • What is a Docker Container?
  • What do you know about the Container Orchestration?
  • What is the difference between git pull and git fetch?
  • Can you talk about yourself?
  • What position do you see yourself in after 5 years?
  • How do you work in print?
  • How much do you expect from us?

Alongside these technical and behavioral queries, it’s equally important to be aware of things to avoid saying in a job interview to ensure a positive impression and effective communication of your skills and aspirations.

Tips For Developing Your IT Career Path

Get Certificates Related To Your It Career Fields

Some of the popular certifications for Microsoft, Oracle, CompTIA, CEH (certified ethical hacker), CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), CISM (Certified Information Security Manager), ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), and AWS Certified.

Update Your Social Media Pages

When you’re looking for a new job, you need to look professional and competent. Therefore, it would be in your favor to update all your social media pages to reflect your interest in technology.

Annual Earnings By IT Career Path

At $88,240, the median annual wage for computing and IT career fields is more than double the pay for all U.S. occupations ($39,810). Information technology is also one of the rare sectors where salaries rise every year. Additionally, the tech unemployment rate is typically half that of all other fields. In light of recent events related to COVID-19, the current unemployment rate of 2.8% for specialists in IT career fields is well below the national average of 6.7% for all occupations.

Plan your earning potential in various IT job markets with constantly updated wage data, apply for information technology jobs, and start an IT career path that best suits you to maximize your salary.

Salaries By IT Careers Job Role – North America

Here are the average salaries in North America by IT careers job role;

  • Technology Management: $161,483
  • Cloud Computing: $153,655
  • IT Risk Management: $131,195
  • Cyber Security: $128,726
  • IT Architecture & Design: $128,441
  • Project / Program Management: $122,529
  • Information Technology Compliance: $115,308
  • DevOps Engineering: $114,361
  • BI, Data Management & Analytics: $111,132
  • Programming & Application Development: $110,234
  • Networking & Telecommunications: $94,650
  • IT Help Desk / Technical Support: $64,567

Clarusway is With You On Your IT Career Path

At Clarusway, we offer you the chance to change your career and have a bright future. In addition to bringing our students to a technically adequate level, we are also with them in the process from post-education to finding a job. Together with our CMS (Career Management System) team, we ensure that our students stay positive through various life coaching sessions and provide full support in preparing their resumes and preparing for the job interviews that they will enter. In addition, we offer the necessary support for them to be active in LinkedIn, which is the most effective platform on the IT career path. We continue their training within the scope of CMS(career Management system) activities. By contacting us, you can find answers to all your questions about your new career.


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