From Hospitality to Tech Success: Sercan’s Journey Through Clarusway’s AWS and DevOps Course

Sercan’s journey from the hospitality industry to a successful career in tech is a testament to the power of education and determination. As a 30-year-old immigrant, Sercan initially worked in the hospitality industry, serving and bartending and driving for Uber on the side. While he appreciated the opportunity to make a living, the long hours and lack of time with his family prompted him to seek a new career path.

A friend introduced him to the idea of bootcamp courses, and Sercan was immediately intrigued. He attended an intro session and was impressed by the stories of people making over six figures in the tech industry. However, he faced challenges and discouragement, including a friend who told him it was impossible to succeed without a college degree. Despite these setbacks, Sercan was determined to change his circumstances and pursued Clarusway’s AWS & DevOps program to learn the skills he needed to break into tech. Through hard work and dedication, Sercan overcame the challenges he faced and landed a job with a top company like Amazon.

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From Serving, Bartending, and Uber Driver to Clarusway’s AWS and DevOps Course:

When Sercan first came to the United States, He worked as a server and bartender in the hospitality industry, along with Uber driving. While he enjoyed the work, he sought something more and began exploring other career options. One of his friends introduced him to Clarusway’s AWS and DevOps course and encouraged him to enroll. Despite initial hesitation, Sercan took the plunge and enrolled in the nine-month course.

The Challenges and Rewards of Learning IT Fundamentals, AWS, and DevOps:

The course began with three months of IT fundamentals, which Sercan found challenging as he had no background in the field. However, with the help of his instructors at Clarusway, he made progress and eventually began to understand the material. The AWS module was even more challenging, but Sercan was determined to succeed. He found his instructors particularly helpful and was grateful for the expertise they brought to the classroom. Despite the difficulties, Sercan made significant progress over the nine-month course and was proud of his accomplishments, including completing the DevOps module.

Career Services: Resume Building, LinkedIn Profile Optimization, and Interview Preparation:

In addition to the technical skills he learned at Clarusway, Sercan received valuable career services as part of the course. This included resume building, which helped him craft a solid and effective resume highlighting his skills and experience. He also received help with LinkedIn profile optimization, which helped him to present a professional image on the platform and connect with potential employers. Sercan also received interview preparation, including mock interviews and life coaching, which helped him to feel confident and prepared for his job search. These services proved essential in his job search and ultimately helped him land an interview with Amazon. Sercan credits much of his success to the career services he received at Clarusway, which provided him with the tools and support he needed to succeed in his job search.

Interviewing and Job Placement at Amazon:

Sercan’s hard work and determination paid off when he was offered an interview with Amazon. He credits much of his success to the support and guidance from his instructors at Clarusway, particularly the advice to focus on his progress rather than comparing himself to others. Sercan’s interview experience with Amazon was positive, and he was ultimately offered a job with the company and landed as a Cloud Support Engineer.


Sercan’s journey from the hospitality industry to a successful career in tech is a testament to the power of education and determination in achieving career success. Through his experience at Clarusway’s AWS and DevOps course, he overcame the challenges he faced and landed a job with a top company like Amazon. Sercan’s story is an inspiring example of how it is possible to break into the tech industry and achieve success, even without a traditional educational background. His experience demonstrates the value of coding bootcamps, such as Clarusway, and the support and guidance they can provide aspiring tech professionals.


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