Full-Stack Developer Job Description: Top Responsibilities and Qualifications

The world is changing fast, and Software Development is one of the key factors of this pace. Therefore there is always a need for developers who can create value and holistic approaches to problems. A full stack developer is a person of solution who can think about the big picture and find creative answers about what users need.

Technology professionals consider it a possible career path because it is one of the world’s most highly prized jobs. But what exactly does the job necessarily imply? The article about the full-stack developer job description can help you decide whether this is the right opportunity for you.

Full Stack Developer Job Description

What is a Full Stack Developer Job Description?

To understand the full-stack developer job description better, we can use the restaurant analogy. Imagine you are in a fancy restaurant, and you order your favorite food, fish, and fries. In a normal workflow, the waiter gets your order and delivers it to the kitchen, where the food will be cooked. After this process, food will be delivered to the waiter and later to you. 

In this analogy, a fancy restaurant’s visible side is frontend development which includes a fancy environment, waiter, and your order request. On the other hand, the kitchen is the back-end development which has got requests from users for food and gives responses of prepared food. 

At this point, a full-stack web developer is a person who can do both front-end and back-end development. Therefore, responsibilities are much higher than separate roles, but creativity and possibility are endless!

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Full Stack Developer Responsibilities

  • Create visually appealing front-end website architecture, including the conversion of designer mock-ups and wireframes into front-end code. Customers are supposed to like the finished product, and the eye-friendly design needed.
  • Design and create web page user interactions. There must be predictions about how users can behave on the website. There should be a map for user guidance and self-explained features that are user-friendly.
  • Set up backend support for a website that includes a database, applications, and servers. The brain of the web page is generally the backend part. It should be well-designed and clean code is necessary here.
  • Seeing a project through as a whole from start to end. In other words, the life cycle of the website should be planned.
  • Meeting both technical and consumer requirements. As a result, the people to whom the product will be presented will be consumers.
  • Keeping up with the latest developments in full stack. Everything is changing so fast that customers’ needs might also change in that process. Therefore full stack developer should be someone who can adapt to any innovation.
  • When architecting systems, ensure those non-functional criteria such as security, performance, maintainability, scalability, usability, and dependability are taken into account.
  • Research new development tools, programming techniques, and computer equipment; take advantage of educational opportunities; read professional periodicals; establish personal and professional networks; and participate in professional associations to maintain job knowledge.

What makes a Good Full Stack Developer?

Excellent full-stack developers are well-versed in modern frameworks and the most recent JavaScript versions. Furthermore, they have a design eye and can work with any website’s layout to ensure that it meets all requirements. They must also be able to work in groups because they frequently interact with design teams.

It is impossible to be an expert in everything, but it is critical to be more well in everything. A skilled full-stack developer should be able to understand everything listed above. When sourcing and interviewing other good developers, make sure to dig deep into all of the issues stated and screen for a history of learning new languages. Reviewingconsideredir personal websites or Github accounts is a fantastic place to start. If they have nothing to display, that’s the first warning sign.

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Who Reports to a Full Stack Developer?

In general, tech companies are using different work management tools, but there will be agile methodologies, including scrum. There will be daily meetings at the start of the day, and the full-stack web developer supposes to talk with other team members about problems in the project. 

For instance, if there is a problem with the user interface, there will be communication with front-end developers, or if there is a problem in databases, there will be talk with back-end developers.

To sum up, it is supposed to be daily talks between Full stack developers and Front-end Developers, Back-end developers, Scrum Masters, Q&A testers, Designers, DevOps Team, and other team members.

Full-Stack Developer Qualifications

First of all computer science degree is still the most valuable qualification for this job. However, a degree is not enough in this current job market. It needs coding and soft skills to become a full-stack developer. 

To earn these skills, there are several ways, like getting a computer science degree or full stack developer certification from bootcamps. On the other hand, participating in an internship program while studying will push you to gain relevant experience and guidance and mentorship from experienced Full Stack Developers.

Full Stack Developer Skills

  • Front-end Knowledge: Expertise in front-end technologies such as JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5, as well as third-party libraries such as React Js, Angular, jQuery, and LESS.
  • Back-end Knowledge: Comprehension of server-side programming languages such as Ruby, Python, Java, and Net.
  • Database and Caching Knowledge: Knowledge of DBMS technologies such as SQLServer, Oracle, MongoDB, and MySQL, as well as caching methods such as Redis, Memcached, and Varnish.
  • Design Knowledge: Basic design abilities include UI/UX expertise and basic prototype design.
  • Server Knowledge: Experience working with Nginx or Apache servers, as well as a strong knowledge of Linux.
  • Experience as a full-stack developer. This is still one of the most important skills that recruiters are looking for. It can be either past work experience or solo projects.
  • Has previously deployed to AWS and knows how to automate tasks with AWS, Jenkins, and Docker.
  • They are at ease with often testing their work with tools such as selenium.

Full Stack Web Developer Salary Expectations

Once you look at the details of the job, there is also the outcome side of it: the salary. In general full-stack developer salary is high when compared to casual jobs in the market. According to Indeed research, the average base salary of a full stack web developer is around $103,238 per year in the USA. This salary gets higher when the experience of the job holder increase.

Full Stack Developer Training Requirements

In the modern world, recruiters are more likely to look at your skills instead of your degree. You can look and check that for full-stack jobs on LinkedIn and other platforms.

There are a lot of people who have graduated with computer science, but their skills are not enough for the market. Therefore, to start your career as a full-stack developer, you can focus on gaining skills and making projects instead of a degree. 

A very rewarding way to gain those skills is to go to an IT bootcamp. You need to select a high-quality bootcamp for your career because you will spend your precious time and you need to get a great education for your future job. 

Full Stack Developer Experience Requirements

Full stack developers typically hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science and/or have completed programming courses. Additionally, full-stack developers frequently have degrees in programming or related fields.

An experienced full-stack developer has experience developing backend, frontend, and full-stack applications as well as websites.

Full Stack Developers typically begin their career as either frontend or backend developers, and they have mastered both and are looking to expand their skills to include the interface between the two.

As you gain ongoing experience, you will become able to anticipate and identify problems, which will increase your value as a team member.

Soft Skills of a Great Full Stack Developer

  • Superb problem-solving abilities. Development means that there will be many errors and problems until the developer gets the final product. Therefore problem-solving skill is the key to a full-stack web developer job description.
  • Outstanding organizational and project management capabilities. As you remember from the restaurant analogy, this job needs to organize the whole development process, which needs strong structural abilities.
  • Superior communication and collaboration qualities. In general development process is a teamwork product. Therefore there will be a lot of communication between different professions, which needs strong communication skills.
  • Keeping up with new technologies. The software development environment has been changing rapidly, and today’s solutions might not be usable for tomorrow. Therefore, refreshing yourself with new technologies is a suitable job description for a full-stack developer.

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