How Much Is A Data Analyst Salary?

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of the data analyst salary, how salaries change according to data analyst jobs, and the effect of the location in the world. Before that, let’s take a look at why data analytics is such a wanted field these days.

In today’s world, almost every business operation is supported by numbers. The meaningful insights extracted from sales data to marketing campaign efforts narrate a story. These insights and stories can give businesses a better understanding of what was done, what worked well, what didn’t, what the trend is, what should be done in the future, what relation among features, and so on.

In summary, business decisions are made based on the results derived from the data. With that said, data is power, and extracting meaningful insights is an important skill. As a result of all this, the offered salaries for people with this ability are considered satisfactory.

That’s why many people, either who begin their business life or are busy with another job, end up turning to the data analytics field to catch up with the changing world.

how much is a data analyst salary

Factors Affecting Data Analyst Salaries

Data analyst salary is significantly influenced by factors such as experience, region, and industry associated with the work.

Data Analyst Salaries by Country and Experience

These days, when the world is dealing with epidemics, working methods have also significantly changed. Now, remote working has been adopted for suitable job fields instead of physically going to a workplace. That is also true for data analysts. Therefore, it is no longer important where you live or where you work. However, depending on many factors, we come across different averages in different countries for data analyst salaries.

data analyst salary

Another critical factor for determining data analyst salary is experience. There are two primary experience levels for data analysts: junior data analysts and senior data analysts. However, sometimes the term entry-level data analyst can be used instead of a junior data analyst. In addition to these, different terms can be used by features of a job, such as a business data analyst for the title of the data analyst.

According to Glassdoor, the average annual salaries by experience level offered by countries to data analysts are as follows.

CountryJunior Data Analyst SalarySenior Data Analyst Salary
United States$ 51,134$ 94,228
United Kingdom£ 25,708£ 43,443
Germany€ 45,595€ 64,846
SingaporeS$ 30,750S$83,000
Turkey₺ 50,601₺ 100,642

Data Analyst Salary by Industry

Data analysts have job opportunities in many industries. As we mentioned above, most businesses make data-driven decisions these days, and therefore qualified data analysts are needed to help with the process. Therefore, data analyst jobs are increasing day by day. However, salaries offered by these industries vary.

LinkedIn has identified the following as the top-paying industries for data analysts, along with average annual salaries in the United States.

IndustryAverage Annual Data Analyst Salary
Natural Resource and Mining$107,000 – $117,000
Scientific, and Technical Services$80,408
Utilities$74,000 – $79,000
Hardware and Networking$67,000
Software and IT services$65,000
Energy and mining$63,000
Manufacturing$55,000 – $59,000

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Last Updated on February 14, 2024


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