Platform Developer I Certification Guide & Tips

The Salesforce Platform Developer I certification is for people who know their way around the Lightning Platform and can create custom applications using that knowledge and those skills.

Individuals who have passed the Salesforce Platform Developer I exam are recognized as having attained this credential. Furthermore, passing this test is a requirement for taking the Salesforce Platform Developer II Multiple Choice Exam.

If you want to learn more about the Salesforce Platform Developer I course and exam, keep reading this post.

Platform Developer I Certification Guide and Tips

What are the Key Topics for Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I?

There are a total of four topics on the Platform Developer I exam.

There are a total of four topics on the Platform Developer I exam.

Developer Fundamentals: 23%

  • Be familiar with multi-tenant concepts and design frameworks like MVC architecture and Lightning Component Framework.
  • Learn how to make the most of governor limits, formula fields, and roll-up summaries through declarative vs. programmatic customizations (Given a scenario).
  • Find, build, and use the right data model with objects, fields, relationships, and external IDs (Given a scenario).
  • Find out alternatives and factors when importing and exporting data into development environments (Given a scenario).

Process Automation and Logic: 30%

  • Determine the features of declarative process automation and their respective capabilities.
  • Use modifiers and Apex interfaces, and declare variables, constants, and methods.
  • Employ Apex’s statements for controlling process flow (Given a scenario).
  • Generate Apex statements in SOSL, SOQL, and DML (Given a scenario).
  • Generate Apex classes and triggers in accordance with best practices (Given a scenario).
  • Determine how Apex transactions are affected by governor limits (Given a scenario).
  • Explain how apex transactions are related to each other, the safe order in which they are executed, and the possibility of recursion and/or cascading.
  • Enact exception handling in Apex, including creating custom exceptions as required.
  • Utilize declarative capabilities and Apex in conjunction to automate business logic (Given a scenario).

User Interface: 25%

  • Using a Visualforce page and the relevant controllers or extensions, showcase content or make changes to Salesforce data (Given a scenario). 
  • Explain what a Lightning web component is, how it works, and what kinds of content you can put inside of it.
  • Eliminate user interface and data access security flaws (Given a scenario).
  • Use and showcase UI customizations with tools like Lightning Components, Flow, and Visualforce (Given a scenario).
  • Define the application scenarios for Lightning Web Component incidents.
  • Use Apex to collaborate with Lightning Components, Flow, Next Best Actions, and other page elements (Given a scenario)

Testing, Debugging, and Deployment: 22%

  • Prepare and run tests on triggers, controllers, classes, flows, and processes with data from a variety of sources.
  • Be familiar with the Salesforce Developer tools and when to use them. This includes the Salesforce DX, CLI, and Developer Console (Given a scenario).
  • Specify how to troubleshoot system issues and monitor flows, processes, asynchronous and batch jobs, etc.
  • Define the environments, prerequisites, and deployment procedure for code and associated configurations.

Platform Developer I Certification Exam Tips

  • Keep this master study checklist handy by bookmarking the Salesforce Certifications Guide or the official Salesforce Trailhead exam guide.
  • Keep in mind the following additional resources on (Recommended for a better vision):
  1. Object Reference for Salesforce and Lightning Platform
  2. Apex Developer Guide
  3. Apex Reference Guide
  4. Lightning Web Components Developer Guide
  5. Lightning Aura Components Developer Guide
  6. Visualforce Developer Guide
  7. Platform Events Developer Guide
  8. Salesforce Developer Limits and Allocations Quick Reference
  9. SOQL and SOSL Reference
  • Additionally, check out the additional resource on about Apex Trigger Best Practices to Avoid Recursion

How to Study Platform Developer I Certification?

The best way to study for the certification is to follow the main steps below as a plan.

  1. With your practical experience under your belt, you should be well-equipped to begin studying for the examination. Training platforms like Clarusway can help you catch up if you lack practical experience in the business world. Start your career off on the right foot with Salesforce and gain valuable experience with real-world projects through the bootcamp’s unique hands-on training.
  2. You should definitely go back and look over the Developer I Interactive Study Tools on Trailhead and self-study materials as Prepare for Your Salesforce Platform Developer I Credential and Apex Specialist pages. 
  3. You should familiarize yourself with the Clarusway Salesforce Certifications Guide and the official Salesforce Trailhead Exam Guide. These will give you a great overview of all the material you need to know before the exam.

Who’s the Ideal Candidate for Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I?

Candidates for Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I should have worked with the Lightning Platform’s programming features to create and deploy basic business logic and user interfaces.

The candidate possesses the following qualifications, experience, and knowledge:

  • Relational databases and data-driven apps.
  • Object-oriented languages.
  • Governor limits and their implications.
  • Model View Controller (MVC) and component-based architectures.
  • Fundamental objects in the Salesforce schema.
  • Roll-up summary and formula fields.
  • Programmatic vs. declarative approaches.
  • Apex programming language and best practices.
  • Fundamental programmatic features of the Lightning Platform.
  • Code process of testing, debugging, and deploying.

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