Salesforce Industries CPQ Developer Certification Guide & Tips

The Salesforce Industries CPQ Developer certification is geared for persons with designing experience of configure, price, and quote apps for the Salesforce Communications, Media, and Energy & Utilities Clouds. Certified Industries CPQ Developers are capable of developing items, promotions, pricing, and regulations for use in order and quoting procedures.

Salesforce Industries CPQ Developer Certification

What are the Key Topics for Salesforce Certified Industries CPQ Developer?

The Industries CPQ Developer certification exam covers seven distinct subject areas.

Salesforce Industries CPQ Developer Certification Key Topics

Products: 20%

  • Identify
    • The ideas that are necessary for configuring products and product bundles.
    • The principles that are necessary to configure object type hierarchy configurations.
    • The necessary concepts for configuring characteristics.
  • Determine the consequences of a product’s configurations.

Promotions and Discounts: 7%

  • Identify the concepts necessary to configure.
    • Promotions.
    • Discounts.
  • Decide when to employ discounts and/or promotions.
  • Demonstrate the features and applications of formula fields and roll-up summary fields.

Pricing: 17%

  • Identify the concepts necessary to develop pricing.
    • Build pricing.
    • Configure attribute-based pricing.
    • Generate cost and margin.
  • Specify how to set pricing.
  • Decide when and which pricing methods to utilize.

Rules: 12%

  • Identify concepts necessary to construct,
    • Context rules.
    • Advanced rules.
    • Product configuration procedures.

APIs: 12%

  • Ascertain when to employ cart-based APIs versus digital commerce APIs.
  • Distinguish among the following and how to use them,
    • The cart-based APIs methods and parameters.
    • The digital commerce APIs methods and parameters.
  • Specify the concepts needed to produce sales catalogs.

Ordering and Quoting: 12%

  • Define the cart’s user experience.
  • Identify the concepts necessary,
    • Configure multi-site quoting.
    • Needed to construct fundamental configurations for ordering and quoting.
  • Explain asset-based ordering (ABO)

Troubleshooting: 20%

  • Troubleshoot,
    • Product, pricing, promotions and discounts, and rules.
    • API parameters, responses, and requests.

Advanced Administrator Certification Exam Tips

  • This is a master revision list, so please bookmark the Clarusway Salesforce Certifications Guide or the official Salesforce Trailhead exam guide.
  • The exam topics can be covered in the online Documentation, Tip Sheets, and User Guides referenced in the Trailhead guide’s Exam Outline section. You can find documentation, how-to sheets, and user guides in Salesforce Help as well.

Obtaining certification is usually required for the role of Salesforce Industries CPQ Developer, and the previously stated duties should be completed gradually in preparation for the certification exam. Key topics should be at the top of your mind, and from there you can work backwards to the study techniques and tips above. Just relax and believe in yourself, the exam is in your hands.

How to Study Industries CPQ Developer Certification?

Following the main steps is the best way to prepare for the certification exam.

  1. At this point, you should have the sufficient practical experience to begin studying for the exam with confidence. Training platforms like Clarusway can help you get the practical experience you need in the business world if you lack it. Clarusway Salesforce Course is a great place to get your foot in the door with the company and gain valuable experience with real-world projects through intensive hands-on training.
  2. As a first step, you had better review the Industries CPQ Foundations on Trailhead and Industries CPQ System Administration.
  3. Reading the Salesforce Certifications Guide and the Salesforce Trailhead Exam Guide will help you prepare for the certification exam. These are a great way to get a feel for the breadth and depth of the material you’ll need to know for the test.
  4. In order to fully grasp the material, it is essential to put an emphasis on hands-on practices throughout the implementation of the topics.

Who’s the Ideal Candidate for Salesforce Certified Industries CPQ Developer?

The ideal Salesforce Certified Industries CPQ Developer applicant will have one year of expertise with Industries CPQ and three to six months of project implementation experience in a role or roles of  Platform Developer, App Builder, Solution Architect, Technical Architect, Support Engineer. The Industries CPQ Developer must be capable of configuring basic order and quote flows for guided selling and digital commerce apps using CPQ.

This certification does not require the candidate to create technical products or order breakdown rules, order orchestration, and fulfillment, end-to-end solutions, or complicated integration and authentication solutions across different platforms. In addition, the candidate will not be expected to read or write APEX code, build or alter LWC templates, design user experiences with FlexCards and OmniScripts, design integration solutions utilizing OmniStudio data tools, or debug LWC templates.

For a detailed Salesforce training, you can consider taking the Clarusway Salesforce Admin and Developer Course.


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