10 skills you need to know for IT careers in AWS Cloud & DevOps.

Today’s best IT careers can be found in AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud and DevOps fields. You don’t need to have a background in IT to start learning — it just takes determination to master the top 10 skills needed for AWS & DevOps success. If you’re already working in IT, maybe your skills are a little stale? You may be feeling your knowledge is slowly becoming obsolete in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing tech world? It’s not too late to get up to speed and jump to the next level in your IT career (beginners — you can start with the basics!)

Why AWS Cloud?

While there are several different cloud platforms, the overwhelming leader is AWS (Amazon Web Services). AWS is the company with the highest market share in the IT industry (compared to its peers.) Besides that, AWS offers over 200 fully-featured services. Millions of customers are using AWS due to its lower cost, agile structure, and innovative nature.

Whether you’re looking to invigorate and challenge yourself in IT (and “level-up” to higher pay!) or just starting a career from scratch, it all starts with learning what’s needed for success. This is not just about finding a job to survive and pay the bills. It’s so much more than that! Finding the right career to suit your capability and passion for achievement is sometimes a lifelong quest. It’s never been easy to figure out all the answers — many people change careers several times throughout their lives.

Don’t Be a Dinosaur

Over time, industries evolve. Companies may shift their personnel or eliminate entire departments as the business climate changes. Like the dinosaurs, some people are left without options — without the skills needed to survive. Nowadays, most companies have shifted their infrastructure to the cloud to answer the industry’s dynamic and agile requirements. The market is swiftly changing and requires fast and stable deliveries to survive and successfully compete. To answer this need, a new discipline blending Cloud and DevOps fields was born. Current and future job opportunities are plentiful for Cloud and DevOps engineers. If you’re wondering what it takes to launch this kind of career, read on to find out if you’re the right kind of candidate to learn these skills.

aws devops

AWS Cloud and Devops

What Type of IT Candidate Are You?

A typical candidate in the early stages of an IT career might be a self-taught Python developer, Java developer, or interested in various IT practices. Perhaps he or she has worked on several IT projects and developed applications, automated processes, and/or built web applications.

Does this sound familiar to you? Maybe you’ve already worked in different IT positions and feeling a little bored with the status quo? If you’re reading this, you’ve probably decided to learn more about landing a job in the AWS Cloud & DevOps field. Have you worked to acquire some of the skills needed in this field already? (If you’re a novice without experience, don’t worry — Clarusway has a beginner’s program to bring you up to speed!)


  If you’ve started a journey to learn AWS services, CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Bash/Python Scripting, Git/Github, Linux, etc. (and find it interesting!), you’re already way ahead of many IT professionals. Some candidates at this level are completely self-taught and have done some form of online training. In our fast-moving industry, an IT or Computer Science degree isn’t even necessary to land the best jobs.


There are many job opportunities with no prior experience in this sector for candidates equipped with the required skills to apply for a AWS Cloud & DevOps position. Have you already looked into DevOps jobs? Have you…

  • Started researching AWS Cloud & DevOps jobs postings.
  • Learned the job competencies necessary to apply.
  • Done a self-evaluation to determine if eligible… (and realized that you need more training?)
  • Been eager to learn these skills?

If the answer is yes, spend time to learn the theories and make time to PRACTICE!

Practice, Practice, and MORE Practice…

Now lets look at the skills you need to find a job in AWS Cloud & DevOps area.

10 Skills to Find a Job in AWS Cloud and DevOps Engineer:

  1. Proficient knowledge in scripting
    (Linux, Unix shell scripts, Python, Ruby, etc.)
  2. Hands-on experience in Configuration Management and Deployment tools
    (Ansible, Terraform, Chef, Puppet, etc.)
  3. Mastery of CI/CD tools
    (Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, Travis CI, etc.)
  4. Building CI/CD pipelines & competency in GIT
    (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket) or SCM tools (SVN, TFS, etc.)
  5. Satisfactory knowledge of SDLC
    Complete Software Development Life Cycle.
  6. Experience in integrating SCM, Code Quality, Code Coverage, and Testing tools for CI/CD pipelines.
  7. Knowledge in Containerization Technologies like Docker and Kubernetes is highly desirable.
  8. Experience with DevOps Services of cloud vendors
    (AWS/Azure/GCP, etc.) is necessary.
  9. Exposure to application and infrastructure monitoring tools
    (Grafana, Prometheus, Nagios, etc.)— outstanding skill to have!
  10. Excellent soft skills for IT professionals
    Interviewing techniques, resume preparation, establishing your brand, and effective social media usage.

Don’t Let That List Scare You Away!

Keep in mind that you don’t have to know everything and every tool, but a general understanding of the skills mentioned above (plus higher-level expertise in at least one skill) is enough to get started with AWS Cloud and DevOps.

Nowadays, there are many open-source tools, freeware, and study materials online. Do not be intimidated and discouraged if you don’t already have a background in AWS Cloud and DevOps. It’s possible to learn them if you put in time and effort (and show passion and interest in learning!)

The next step to an AWS Cloud and DevOps Career

It’s important to take online training that carefully covers lab and theory. It should include interaction with a tutor, support from mentors, and improved collaboration with online tools such as slack. You can find all the skills you need with Clarusway IT Training.

Reinvent Yourself With Clarusway

There’s a reason we use “reinvent” at the heart of our mission — most of our students are learning AWS & DevOps for the first time (from beginner to advanced IT professionals). Many of our online and in-person students are international (ESL — English as a Second Language) learners. We have what it takes to help students completely reinvent their careers — earning what they deserve when they’ve worked hard to achieve a new life.

AWS & Dev Ops engineers enjoy outstanding career advancement and high salaries commensurate with the high-skill level required.

Join AWS Cloud & DevOps course training at Clarusway and achieve a high-level career you’ve dreamed about.

At Clarusway, you receive a boost of confidence through the support of critical soft skills — interviewing techniques, resume preparation, establishing your brand, and learning best practices with effective social media use. We show you how to apply concepts through day-to-day tasks, so you master the knowledge. It’s all about PRACTICE!

The learning curve is steep, but our students with a passion for learning always find job offers they’re excited about! Our graduates are enjoying excellent salaries with bright futures as they advance in their careers. Meet these IT professionals and learn about their experiences with Clarusway. 

Ready to get started? Email us at contact@clarusway.com.


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