Data Analytics Course

Part Time | 6 Months

You’ll learn to derive insightful knowledge from raw data to deliver measurable and tangible results to a variety of business stakeholders. Paired with our Career Management System, get you ready to be hired. Land your dream job with Clarusway support!
Data Analytics
Data Analytics

Course Overview

Our Data Analytics Course is designed to teach you how to derive insightful knowledge from raw data to deliver measurable and tangible results to a variety of business stakeholders. This Data Analytics Bootcamp focuses on the practical technical knowledge required to analyze and solve data problems meticulously and quickly.

The Data Analytics Course will teach you the data skills in high-demand by top employers. Learn Python and the statistics you need to be successful. By the end of data analytic training, you will have a portfolio demonstrating your ability to solve complex data problems. After graduating, you will be ready to join a large or small firm or become a freelance data analyst.

You will receive personalized support as you develop the skills needed to be qualified for the highest-paying jobs in the data field. Get prepared for data analytics certifications with us! In addition to career support, we review your profile and portfolio to ensure you’re ready to land a data-driven career. 

Online Lesson Activity

180+ Hours Live In-Class

Online CMS Activity

54+ Hours CMS

Hands on Activies

Hands-on Activities

This data analytics course is a 20-week program that includes more than 180+ hours of in-class sessions and a bonus package of 54+ hours of Career Management Services (CMS). Our specialty CMS activities for the Data Analytics program include sessions on life coaching, resume building, Linkedin training, and interview preparation support. 

In addition to the curriculum, you will have the opportunity to practice what you have learned with 42 hands-on activities + 6 projects + an in-depth capstone project at the end of the course. We provide the most intensive training in the IT bootcamp market to fully prepare our students for succesful careers!

Why Data Analytics?


Option to work remote or in office


Average salary $90,000+ in the US


Analyze the data, Design your future

Upcoming Programs

Data Analytics

Schedule : Part-time
Duration : 6 Months 
Curriculum : Module 1 (Data Analytics)

14 August 2023

Premium Data Analytics with IT Fundamentals (15 seats only)

Schedule : Part-time/Full-time
Duration : 6 Months
Curriculum : IT Fundamentals + Module 1 (Data Analytics) 
Level : Beginner (No Prerequisites)

27 March 2023

Premium Data Analytics (15 seats only)

Schedule : Part-time/Full-time
Duration : 3 Months 
Curriculum : Module 1 (Data Analytics)

  • SQL
  • GIT
  • Python

3 July 2023

What Will You Learn?

Module 1 Graphicon

Data Analytics

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Linux
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Computational Thinking
  • Python Programming
  • Git/GitHub
  • Statistics
  • Data Analysis with Python
  • Data Visualization with Python
  • Capstone Project
  • Google Sheets
  • Relational Database & SQL
  • Data Visualization with Tableau,
  • Small and Medium Projects (for each section)

Alumni Reviews

Jason Turton
Jason Turton
Switch Up
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“When I realized that I was not satisfied with my previous job, I wanted to change my career. I decided to enter the field of data science, where I can improve my analytical skills and earn a high salary. While searching for a reliable school, I had the opportunity to meet Clarusway with the advice of a friend...”
Switch Up
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“While looking for the best suitable bootcamp I had been strongly recommended by a friend to Clarusway! I've never thought I could learn so much so fast and so efficiently! With Clarusway you have a chance to build up your skills get ready for real world projects...”
Course Report
Read More
"One of the most intensive learning experiences of my life, and I loved the course. If you want to learn how to apply analytics in real-time, this is the curriculum for you. Maybe going back to school was never on your radar. This bootcamp's going to change your life. I took an immersion course, and it was terrific..."
Iden Wood
Iden Wood
Course Report
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“Clarusway has an Innovative Teaching Model. Pre-Class, In-Class, and Post-Class phases make you learn. No way you can miss the curriculum. You learn one by one all of the lessons. Clarusway uses the latest educational tools. Especially LMS is great. You can reach the content any time any place..."
Ryan Duffey
Ryan Duffey
Career Karma
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“I can honestly say that Clarusway was one of my best decisions. Having most of my professional life been spent in the automotive industry, wearing every hat, I wasn't sure how I would adapt to being in this environment for seven months...”
Career Karma
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“I've been very excited about learning data science since I began this course. The high-quality tutoring I'm getting here is making a huge difference in my life. Taking classes online is unquestionably different for me. All is so normal that it almost feels like I'm there, only I can go at my own speed and unwind... ”
S. Sum
S. Sum
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“I highly recommend Clarusway to those who want to start a new career in IT.Thanks for everything..."

Weekly Schedule

Monday 07 – 10 P.M. Live Class
Tuesday 07 – 10 P.M.
Live Class
Wednesday 07 – 10 P.M.
Live Class
Thursday 07 – 10 P.M.
Live Class
Friday 07 – 10 P.M.
Saturday 10 A.M. – 01 P.M.
Live Class
Sunday Free-day

The hours are indicated in the “Eastern Standard Time (EST)”.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Upon graduation, students will be capable of working in a range of data-related careers. These include Business Intelligence Analysts, Data Analysts, and Data Consultants.

The program is ideal for individuals who want to make data-driven decisions or analyze different types of data. You’ll learn applied statistics, Python, and Matplotlib, which will help you work with any data set and find and showcase meaningful insights. This will give you the qualifications to become a Data Analyst or Data Consultant. To succeed in this program, you will need some knowledge of Python, SQL Basics, and GIT. If you possess those skills and are ready to apply them to real-world projects, we encourage you to enroll today! 

We provide various payment options like:

Our programs range in difficulty from beginning to advanced. In addition, we offer an introductory-level IT Fundamentals Learning Path. We do not require applicants to undergo technical screening prior to beginning classes, except for a simple evaluation of communication skills. We are looking for motivation, commitment, discipline, and willingness to work hard to distinguish themselves as IT experts. The Data Analytics program is meant to teach participants data skills in high-demand by top organizations, such as Python and statistics, and qualify them for a future in this industry. Intermediate-level trainees with a background in IT may begin the major courses (module 1) by skipping the IT Fundamentals program.

You will learn how to extract actionable knowledge from raw data to give quantifiable and tangible benefits to a broad range of business customers! The course emphasizes the practical technical skills necessary for thoroughly and swiftly analyzing and solving data challenges. 
By completing your data analytics course, you will have a portfolio proving your capacity to address complex data challenges.

Data analytics has a wide range of uses. Analyzing large amounts of data can help optimize efficiency in a variety of sectors. Enhancing performance enables organizations to thrive in today’s highly competitive marketplace.  

Data analytics involves:

  • Predicting market trends and assessing risk in banking and finance industries.
  • Maximizing profits and ROI information for healthcare (health informatics).
  • Crime prevention.
  • Environmental protection.
  • New insight into scientific research.
  • Data points of the internet of things (IoT) and more.
There are no prerequisites for the Data Analytics with IT Fundamentals (IT Fundamentals + Module 1 (Data Analytics)) program. Data Analytics (Module 1 (Data Analytics)) program’s prerequisites are:
  • SQL
  • GIT
  • Phyton
Around 3 thousand billion bytes of data are created each day, and this rate is rapidly increasing. The growth of data propels organizations forward when they use it to make smart business decisions. In an ever-changing business environment, leadership strives to be on the cutting edge of trends and innovation. As a result, Data Analysts help lead this movement.

In the United States, the average Data Analyst salary is about $61,741

Evaluating raw data to derive meaningful, actionable insights is called Data Analytics. These insights are leveraged to assist and generate sensible and prudent decisions for companies.

The Data Analytics course will teach you data skills, including Python and statistics. These skills are in high demand by leading companies. By completing your data analysis course, you will have a portfolio proving your capacity to address complex data challenges. In addition, you’ll be prepared to work for a company or work as a freelancer after graduation. 

You will receive one-on-one assistance as you build the skills necessary for high-value data employment and data analytics certifications. Along with career counseling, we analyze your profile and portfolio to determine whether you are prepared to land a data-driven position.

The data analytics course includes more than 230 hours of classroom instruction and coaching of Career Management Services (CMS) with seminars on life coaching, resume creation, LinkedIn training, and interview preparation assistance.

In addition to learning the curriculum, you will put everything you’ve learned into practice through more than 50 hands-on events and projects at the course conclusion.

Some of the essential skills for data analysts are as follows:

  • Data Visualization
  • Data Cleaning
  • R
  • Python
  • SQL and NoSQL
  • Machine Learning
  • Linear Algebra and Calculus
The most common data analytics tools are:
  •  Top 15 Data Analysis Tools
  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Qlik Sense
  • ThoughtSpot
  • Oracle Analytics
  • Google Looker
  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Google Analytics
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Google Data Studio
  • IBM Cognos
  • TIBCO Spotfire
  • Zoho Analytics
  • Whatagraph
  • Query.me

The average salary of a Data Analyst is $62,473 per year in the United States. 

The types of analytics are:
  • Descriptive analytics
  • Diagnostic analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Prescriptive analytics

There are numerous educational pathways available to you. A traditional Bachelor’s/master’s degree path and/or certificate programs (IT Bootcamps) are the most frequent paths. A data analytics bootcamp provides a faster learning path and lower cost than earning a university degree. We provide a fast track to IT careers through intensive programs with highly-trained instructors and a strategically designed LMS (Learning Management System) paired with a strong CMS (Career Management System.)

Big data is a term that refers to a collection of data from a range of sources and is frequently defined by five characteristics: volume, value, diversity, velocity, and veracity. Understanding the five V’s enables data scientists to extract more value from their data.

It can be easier to learn if you begin with the basic foundation such as programming in R or Python, querying databases with SQL , and moving on step-by-step. For a successful path, the best way is to learn in a targeted IT bootcamp program with an instructor skilled in Data Analytics. We provide a fast track to an IT career in Data Analytics through our intensive program with highly-trained instructors and a strategically designed LMS (Learning Management System) paired with a strong CMS (Career Management System.) 

Yes, if the prerequisites are met first. The data analytics module-1 program’s duration is 3 months. There are 3 prerequisites for this course: SQL, GIT, and Python. 

Yes, but advanced programming skills are not required. To be successful, you must first learn the fundamentals of Python or R, and fluency with a querying language like SQL.

The best certifications for a Data Analyst career are the following:

  • Cloudera Certified Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate
  • Associate Certified Analytics Professional
  • Certified Analytics Professional
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