Mevlüt Yıldız


Data Analyst/Data Scientist

I’ve been learning data analytics/data science since 2016. I started IT Bootcamp in 2021 about data science and finished it in 2022. I’ve been writing articles in my Medium account and Clarusway Blog.

Work Experience:

  • Technical Writer | Prismoon Digital Solutions · Freelance
  • Branding Manager, Recruiter | Korrogo
  • Information Technology Trainee | Clarusway


  • June 2021 – Aug 2022 | IT Bootcamp
  • June 2013- June 2015 | Post Graduate

Author posts

AWS Data Migration Services
Cloud Engineer
Mevlut Yıldız

AWS Database Migration Services

Do you realize how much data is produced daily? a minimum of 2.5 quintillion bytes! (That’s 500 petabytes in addition to two exabytes.) This data

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