Salesforce Strategy Designer Certification Guide & Tips

Candidates for the Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer role add value by guiding the design of system-level solutions to achieve business and user objectives. Candidates should prioritize the crucial over the pressing and produce tangible and intangible/relational outcomes.

Salesforce Strategy Designer Certification

The expertise of a Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer extends to the realms of business as well as innovation, design, and even the execution of strategies. They can also steer, design, and lobby throughout the entire innovation and product development processes. In addition, they can work across disciplinary boundaries thanks to their extensive experience and training in strategic planning, design, and implementation. 

A Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer has the skills to maximize a team’s potential, fill in any gaps, and know when to bring in outside help. The Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer is well-versed in the needs of both businesses and their customers and is skilled at building rapport and collaboration within and between teams.

What are the Key Topics?

Candidates’ ability to accomplish the following tasks is a focus of the Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer examination. Candidates should be well-versed in all of the following and have extensive experience putting strategy design concepts into practice on the Salesforce Platform.

Who’s the Ideal Candidate for Salesforce Strategy Designer Certification?

Value Design: 32%

  • Make a challenge statement that combines business goals with user pain points to define the project’s context and set the bar for what needs to be accomplished (Given a customer scenario).
  • Create a challenge statement and use it to determine what indicators of success will be used.
  • Consider how the organizational climate may affect the best course of action to be proposed for resolving the problem statement (Given a customer scenario).
  • Define the external context for innovation and explain how it may affect the company’s strategy. (Given a scenario).
  • Explain the reasoning behind your strategic decisions, including how they will benefit your business and your users and what the long-term effects will be.
  • Promote morality and integrity for the company’s benefit and its users’ (Given a customer scenario)

Tools and Artifacts: 23%

  • Facilitate the mapping of user requirements to advanced Salesforce features (Given a Business Need).
  • Find out what makes a user experience feasible, desirable, and successful (Given a customer scenario).
  • Figuring out how to co-create with clients and other interested parties (Given a customer scenario).

Intangible Deliverables: 26%

  • Develop a plan to create alignment. (Given a scenario).
  • Find the critical connections that must be made to address the challenge (Given evolving internal dynamics).
  • Determine the most effective methods of persuasion presentation (Given an audience description).
  • Use the Resources Available to Facilitate Inter-Disciplinary Work  (Given a scenario).

Leveraging Adjacent Roles/Skills: 19%

  • Construct a plan for carrying out the plan that is both realistic and true to the vision throughout all of its iterations (Given an aligned vision).
  • Figure out the business and technical capacities that allow you to go from vision to solution (Given a scenario).
  • Identify the Infusions of Knowledge and Skills Required for Vision Creation (Given a scenario).

How to Study Strategy Designer Certification?

In order to succeed on the Strategy Designer certification exam, adhere to the steps below.

  1. If you’re interested in becoming a certified Strategy Designer, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the certification’s prerequisites, such as the knowledge and skills needed to succeed. You can do this by first looking over the course description on the on the Clarusway Salesforce Course website and then making an appointment with a tutor. 
  2. Focusing on the Trailmix materials for independent study is a good first step.
  3. Reading both the Salesforce Certifications Guide and Salesforce’s official Trailhead Exam Guide is highly recommended. These will provide you with an excellent overview of the various test-related topics. 

Who’s the Ideal Candidate for Salesforce Strategy Designer Certification?

Candidates for this exam should have a minimum of three years of practical experience as a strategy designer or a related role, as well as a minimum of one to two years of experience working with the Salesforce platform. With at least two years of experience leading complex projects under their belt, a Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer is equipped with top-tier facilitation and consulting skills.

Anyone interested in proving their competence in the following areas should take the Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer exam:

  • Leading the product’s discovery, research, and design efforts in the same direction.
  • Supporting the development of complete customer journeys. 
  • Coordinating what a company needs with how a customer uses a Salesforce product or service.
  • Promoting solution recommendations with high standards for design and shared vision 
  • Locating and defining issues (e.g., business issues, user/human issues).
  • Making use of the principles of design thinking.
  • Directing the focus of design efforts and their implementation.
  • Taking advantage of complementary functions and understanding when to seek advice from specialists in fields such as visual identity, business, and technology.
  • Getting people on the same page about the future you’re trying to create, understandably presenting complex ideas, using innovative approaches to addressing concerns, and winning over skeptics.

Salesforce Strategy Designer Exam Tips

When studying on your own, please think about the Trailhead scenarios-flashcards and skills path.

In other words, no prior experience or knowledge of information technology is needed. Clarusway offers fast and effective Salesforce training for those who need to make a career change rapidly. You can enter this profession from the ground floor and work your way up to a higher level position, such as “Strategy Designer,” by taking a variety of courses at progressively higher degrees of difficulty. Trust in oneself. So, check out the Clarusway Salesforce Admin and Developer Course.


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