How Much Is A Backend Developer Salary?

A small web developer salary, either backend developer salary or frontend, also depends heavily on the developer’s company. Some companies value these developers and pay them an above-average wage, while others pay a lower salary and try to make up for the gap by gaining experience and training.

How Much Senior Web Developers Earn?

A senior web developer salary is one of the highest in the sector. Senior developers earn the most in the market, related to their experience. This makes perfect sense as they offer what (experience and skill) sought by many companies. In addition, top web developers often work at higher-tier companies, attributed to their relatively high salaries.

The average salary for a top web developer is $ 103,200 a year in the US, which is about $ 8,600 a month. While this is a pretty big leap from the new backend developer salary, it’s also completely understandable.

The Different Types of Developers Decide Here!

The most important factor in the difference between web developer salaries is the type of development along with the entire web developer level.

The amount of money each type of developer (front end or back end, and full-stack) earns differentiate according to their skills, experience, and workload. For example, a full-stack developer needs more time and skill to develop a project; as a matter of course, a full stack developer salary will be more than a front-end web developer salary. Back-end developer salaries will also be in between.

Front-end developer salaries are approximately $ 92,000 a year. In contrast, a backend web developer salary is known to be $ 93,000 a year. Due to the heavy workload and coding skill needs, back-end developers must have been more qualified than front-end developers. Back-end developer salaries may therefore be a little too high.

An average full-stack web developer salary is roughly $ 113,600 per year. This is because, as explained above, the skill needs and heavy workload of the full stack developer is more than the back-end developer. So, the back-end developer salary stays under the full stack developer salary but outrun the front-end developer’s salary.

web developer salary
web developer salary

Region Dependent

Considering developer salaries, you should keep in mind that they are differential according to region or country. As an example, the salaries of developers in the US are different than in Europe.

According to many different data, the salary in Switzerland can be as much as $ 65,000 per year. On the other hand, it can amount to $ 7500 a year in Ukraine. This is something that even clearly shows how differently the salaries of web developers are dependent on factors.

Beyond Salary

Web development is seen as one of the most up-and-coming proficiency a person can do. Technology is evolving and reaching higher levels day by day. With the change of technology, companies prefer to employ developers to increase their reach and push the boundaries of admirable websites and web applications. It is unlikely that a day when companies will not need web developers is on the horizon.

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Last Updated on November 22, 2023


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